3 Day Split Workout MWF

Can someone give me a 3 Day Split Workout

Monday Chest Bicep
Wednesday Back Tricep
Friday Shoulders Legs

And about sa abs hindi ko alam kung how frequent should i train it .
Hindi ko po alam anong exercises ang maganda ee hehe. Beginner lang po ako :)

if hindi po maganda yung plan ko you can make your own and paki share nalang po :)

http://pinoybodybuilding.com/Thread-AnonymousKid this is my journal .Sana po sa MWF na gagawin maworkout ko po every muscle of my body Thanks !~


  • you can do a split of push;pull,legs
  • yeah, if you're a newbie a simple push, pull, then legs would be good. A bit more advanced and I'd suggest 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler. Go google it.
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