The right way to lower body fat percentage?

Guys, Ive been doing heavy to moderate weights,moderate reps, since I started lifting, Ive never tried cutting, which is very stupid of me lol (Obsessed of being bulky haha). So i wanna lower my body fat to get a lil bit tight look. And I just wanna ask, Heavy to moderate weight + caloric deficit or High reps (12 reps) light weight + caloric deficit? No idea in cutting phase so I seek the help of the Pros :) . Did some research, they say when cutting, go heavy, low reps to moderate reps to retain muscles while losing fat. Go high reps while on a caloric deficit and u lose fat and the muscles coz of too much work with not enough calories. Asked to know which works for most people. Thanks. :)


  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    dami thread regarding losing fats sa site paps. back read ka lang at malilinawan ka ;) good luck

    use search function sa upper right ng page
  • Thanks po :) . Astig ng physique niyo.:jd:
  • IamSlarkIamSlark Posts: 24
    I am not a pro. Pero suggest ko read mo yung book ni Tom Venuto. Burn the Fat Feed the muscle. Meron sa torrent hehe.
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