How Much Water Per day?

How Much Water Should You drink Per Day?

8-12 glasses of water is great for the average sedentary person, many of us are fitness conscious or on the pursuit of some type of bodybuilding physique. With that in mind, I think the new standard for us should be 1-2 gallons of water a day. As a bodybuilder, you are putting much more nutrients, food, supplements, and other stuff into your body. What your body does not use, it must rid itself of by any means necessary. Usually it does this via water and it is also essential for weight loss. Its uses are as follows:
It reduces hunger pangs
Hydrates the body
Flushes out toxins

Water speeds up the rate of metabolism. How? Well, the kidneys throw out waste from the body. But when there is not enough water in the body, the kidneys have to fall back on the assistance of the liver for waste removal. However, the main function of the liver is to convert fat into energy. So, when it is called upon to remove waste, its effectiveness in its primary activity is compromised. By drinking plenty of water, it is possible to burn fat faster.

so ok lng na pabalik balik sa cr hahahahaha
para umihi.:D


  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    every 2 hours nakaka 1-liter ako. kaya lagi rin ako CR ng CR hahahha!
  • 2 - 3 liters. 2 liters mostly during office hours. wala lang medyo compulsive water drinker ako.
  • badtrip lng ung sa madaling araw nagigising ako para umihi, but knowing its positive effect ayos na rin :)
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    May nababasa ako 8-10, minsan kahit 6-8 daw.. Minsan more. Pero ok lang na marami kasi jingle lang ng jingle ang side effect. ^_^
  • ProlevelzProlevelz Posts: 1,162
    Pero ok lang na marami kasi jingle lang ng jingle ang side effect. ^_^
    buti kasi lalabas -para sasama rin yung kungting toxic sa loob. ako mga 1 ltr per day, sometimes mag exceed,,,...
  • toysuki07toysuki07 Posts: 1,049B-Class
    more or less 8 - 10 glasses a day.. lalo na pag sobrang init ng panahon iwas dehydration
  • 4liters a day, sa gym alone nakaka 2 liters ako
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