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medyo wala akong mahanap na magandang lugar para sa picture. maybe some other time. medyo dyahe mag photography session sa gym eh...haha....but will update this soon.

salamat mga bro in advance.this is a very good community...


  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    welcome sa pbb bro! lakas mo brod
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    mamaw brah! taga makati ka diba? pag may GWO tayo sama ka, normally sa pasay lang, :)
  • SmallWIJISmallWIJI Posts: 742B-Class
    Welcome Brah! aabangan ko itong journal na ito haha! aesthetics Brah!:sport:
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,542A-Class
    welcome po sir sa PBB :)
  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class
    Salamat mga pre. Emman interesting yang gwo. .. heads up more Ko page may schedule. ... sana di office hours. ..

    Ok tong nakaraang week pero i think Di consistent yung food intake Ko.... something to improve...
  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class
    Meal 1 4eggs scrambled with tomato and cheese
    Meal 2 peanut butter sandwich
    Meal 3 a bowl of oats with milk
    Meal 4 protein shake
    Meal 5 2 cups of rice squid and veggies
    Meal 6 jollibee chicken meal
    Meal 7 protein shake casein

    Rest day today but Friday workout stat
    Squat 250x5x5
    Bench 150x5x5
    Barbell row 170 x5x5

    Set took 45 min tops. Pag katapos parang kulang but will stick to it and see where it goes

    Wright static at 147.

    Food intake still a challenge...
  • miserymisery Posts: 160
    Welcome bro!

    ano total calories nung pinost mo na meal? parang konti ata yan considering na bulking ka at sabi mo ecto ka.
  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class
    Thanks misery.. oo gradual increase of food intake.. still finding my rythm on ingesting tons of it. Whats good way of mesduring cslories...?

    14sep--braved the rsin
    6 eggs scrambled two rice with canola oil
    Peanut butter ssndwich with 3 slices if cheese
    One cup boiled oats with a glass if fresh milk
    2 potatoes broiled
    Protein shake
    2 cups of rice slice tuna belly veggies
    A bowl of pasta with chicken breast
    2 yacon
    Protein shake

    Braved the rain for the ff
    10 min stretching
    Squat 250x5x5
    Military press 80x5x5
    Deadlift 270x1x5
    Chin up 7, 5,4
  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class
    Good sign: I'm at about 152 lbs now. 7lbs gain in about a month. And I don't look bloated so far.. In fact I still look fairly thin

    Which reminds at 5 8" what's a good bulk up weight to aspire too?

    Today's eats:
    6 eggs in tomato and potato
    Chicken meal 2 rice
    Pasta with cheesy sauce
    Pasta pomodoro with 3 chicken breast
    Bowl of oatmeal with fresh milk and mixed nuts..

    ...sick of chicken for today... but hopefully hitting macros generally...

    Yesterday I did

    Squat 265 x5x5
    Bench press 155x5x5
    Barbell row 175x5x5

    My weakest are bench press and shoulder press though. I'm sure I still have some room to go up in squat barbell row and deadlier but disappointingly I think deloading is in order already...

    ... on the other hand I'm nearing 2 months on this. One more month then I could find another program. ..

    Mga masters after the 5x5 what's the good program to check---that's kinda intermediate and still compound exercise driven. ..?
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    after the 5x5 what's the good program to check---that's kinda intermediate and still compound exercise driven. ..?

    based on your lifting stat
    Squat 265 x5x5
    Bench press 155x5x5
    Barbell row 175x5x5

    I would say try to incorporate bb training on your routine.
  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class

    shit nabuhay after two years.

    in the last two years, i training, but i'd say just so so. stopped tracking (i.e. using pen and paper tracking) my routings, but just stuck to the 5x5 and i'm dying of boredom already.

    parang nawala yung page dedicated to different types of routines and workouts...?

    magpapaturo sana ng next good of workout routine...frankly i only know 5x5 stronglift.

    i love 5X5, and will always continue to love it, the focus on squats and deadlifts are just great, but after practically doing it for 5 years, i need some spice and variety!!!

    suggestions and comments are welcome and are greatly appreciated! i know google is a searching man's bestfriend, but there's nothing like PBB's collective experience.

  • DeanofMeanDeanofMean Posts: 161C-Class

    welcome back sir. ano na lifting stats mo ngayon sir?

  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,924S-Class

    welcome back sir. hows the progress? pics n everything sir? hehehe

  • ler4_warler4_war Posts: 186C-Class

    Sir, welcome back! Were you consitent with 5x5 3x a week for 5 years? Any progress pic sir..? Salamat!

  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class
    edited September 2016

    I used to go to Eclipse Gym -- which I think -- particularly its Mandaluyong branch, is still one of the, --if not the best gym in the metro. its 6 (or 8 if i remember it right) power racks makes it one of the least equipment-centered gyms, and the free weights as core of exercise philosophy stuck in me. power racks and 5x5 are complementary. i'm 5'8, used to be skinny at 130lbs, in 2011, when i started lifting, using 5x5. I remember I could hardly keep the bars stable in benching 30 lbs.

    I think I peaked in late 2014 at 158 lbs. lifting stats:
    deadlift 325lbs 3X5, max of 335lbs 1X5
    squats 295 lbs 3x5, max of 305lbs 1x5
    not proud of my bench though -- it peaked at 175lbs 3x5, 185 1x5.

    up to now, bench presses are still my weakest. (funny--early this year someone pointed out my arm distance are a bit too close for bench to be effective and its exercising mostly my triceps. and to think i was wondering why my triceps seems to be ahead of my biceps. thus I tried keeping it wider, and saw better results!!! #after4years)

    life, and commitments got into lifting though and i stopped tracking my progress. got better deal (and location) for Gold's, and changed gyms. but kept my bit of both the program (intensity faltered) and clean diet (though volume faltered too). Weird, butI struggled with food intake. I'm sure maraming makakarelate, at some point eating becomes a chore, and stuffing yourself serious amounts of protein and carb way way long after you feel satiated does not feel right all the time. well, i guess one doesn't complain so much about happy problems, eh.

    I'm down to 147 lbs (with some stretchmarks at the shoulder/armpit area, and lower butt). interestingly, when I least expected it, medyo lumabas yung six packs -- but I'm on a bit of a wiry look now.

    surprisingly, even with less mass, I'm still at roughly 90% of my maximums of 5x5, so I kept most of the strength. I guess I'm fine with the look (including prominent cheekbones), Mirrors used to tell me i'm doing OK (or perhas it was better lighting?), but recently i think i'm getting thin(ner). and some friends started pointing it out as well.

    So --time to take a crack again at 158 lbs i guess.

    so there. 5x5 and me got a longway, but i think the time has come to part...

    suggestions, welcome.

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  • ler4_warler4_war Posts: 186C-Class

    147 lbs at 5'8, we almost have the same height and weight. Have you measured your bf%? Any recent pics? A good thing I like about my physique is that most people are not aware of how I look when I'm in my work clothes or casual clothes (not unless it's slim fit), so it kind of makes me a low profile person and not until I wear singlets and slim fit shirts that they start asking me if I have been hitting the gym. :)

  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class

    Thanks for comment Ler.

    May I ask how to measure (or approximate) the body fat? I've read somewhere the pinch technique, but not sure if there's better way.

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class
    nik wrote: »
    Thanks for comment Ler.

    May I ask how to measure (or approximate) the body fat? I've read somewhere the pinch technique, but not sure if there's better way.
    there is a better way but expensive
  • ler4_warler4_war Posts: 186C-Class

    The best method is hydrostatic BF testing, however most people use the caliper method as it's the most convenient and is a more accurate way of testing BF% in comparison with a bf scale. Even professional trainers use calipers from 3 to 7 point skin fold, i prefer 3 para mas madali but you can try up to 7 if you want.

  • niknik Posts: 28E-Class

    ok, i guess that's broscience on my part...(time to check on this further). thanks for the comment sir.

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