Where to buy Steel Pro-grade Kettlebells?

I've been looking for a shop that sells the competition style kettlebells like these:


Where can I buy them? Some people have pointed me to the Philippine Kettlebell Club, but their website seems to be no longer maintained and the posted contact number has never replied.

I know that sports shops like Chris or Toby's sell the standard cast-iron kettlebells, but I want the pro-grade one because the size doesn't change no matter what weight I use. And frankly, I very much prefer how the pro-grades look. I know that the price is much higher for the pro-grades, but it is an investment I am willing to make. I just really need to know where to get them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • popoycantonpopoycanton Posts: 216C-Class
    anong timbang ang balak mo bilhin? is this going to be your first KB? I have a 12kg from chris. If anything I should have bought something heavier as 12kg gets way to easy real fast. I bought mine years ago. I think it was Php 1.2-1.4. Those sold at KB PH are twice as expensive.
  • NinjekNinjek Posts: 8
    @popoycanton, thanks for the reply sir! I was plannijg on getting either a 12kg or 16kg. Sabi sa net 16kg daw talaga ang pang beginner guys, pero parang bigat nung sinubukan ko eh haha.. Yes i am aware the ones sold at chris, toby's or olympic village. Kaya lang those are cast-iron ones eh. What i want are the pro-grades, like the Ph KB ones.
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