Moriamin Forte

jmpilongojmpilongo Posts: 208C-Class
need opinion on this protein/multivitamin supplement, I know this is not an alternative supplement of what usually BB'ders buy for muscle growth, it's far off compared to known products but you think this would be enough to feed the muscles just enough to maintain mass/avoid muscle loss after workout along with whole foods and milk.

I train 3x a week with parallel Back squats and DL included, enough weight for me to do 5sets of 4-5reps max so I am concerned with overtraining. I am also taking revicon maxvit before my shift.

nagtitipid ako for now with the wedding and baby coming, so I really can't buy any BB'ing supplements that cost 2k to 3k as of the moment. here is the product info of Moriamin Forte:

L-Leucine 18.3 mg
L-Isoleucine 5.9 mg
L-Lysine 25 mg
L-Phenylalanine 5 mg
L-Threonine 4.2 mg
L-Valine 6.7 mg
L-Tryptophan 5 mg

Vitamins A 2000 I.U.,
D 200 I.U.,
E 1 mg,
B1 5 mg,
B2 3 mg,
nicotinamide 20 mg,
B6 2.5 mg,
folic acid 0.2 mg,
B12 1 mcg,
C 20 mg,
Calcium pantothenate 5 mg,
5-oxyanthranilic acid 0.2 mg

thanks :)


  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    brah, kung nagtitipid ka daanin sa pagkain ang protina... tiis tiis lang sa lasa.. Your protein is your insurance to avoid muscle loss ( broscience or science but still it works ! )

    increase mo lang brah and eat right after your workout since you depleted your glycogen at need nun ma refill agad!
  • jmpilongojmpilongo Posts: 208C-Class
    "@Jettie"; thanks :)

    kumakain lang ako araw2 just enough na busog na ko so not much on calorie surplus din. ang nakakain ko ulam everyday 1 chicken part 1 humba with rice, 2 boiled eggs with ampalaya/baguio beans with rice, 1 piece burger steak with shanghai rolls and regular fries or 1 chicken fillet with regular fries.. tapos whole wheat raisin bread with choco spread and milk with oatmeal in between sa meals. 5'4 na ecto ako so yan lang talaga kaya ko kainin, hindi sumosobra.
  • Emman1986Emman1986 Posts: 1,819B-Class
    kung nag titipid ka brod, instead yang never been heard na supp na yan, itlog at tuna na lang bilhin mo palagi. btw, magkano pala yan? kasi baka ka presyo lang ng PM7 e di mag pm7 ka na lang brother :)
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