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    Si harry potter...kawawa naman
    harry potter.. he's pitiful
    Bakit naman kawawa
    why is he / she pitiful?
    Mukhang nalugi weh xa ba un?
    she / he looks broke, is that him / her?
    Abay hindi ....
    more like " of course not"
    Ah kaya pala bkt hnd mo man lng pniktsuran hehehe napkaprivate eh aagawin ba si hedwig
    so that's the reason why you didn't took a picture hehehe ..
    aagawin ba si hedwig
    more like i'll be taking / stealing hedwig ( ?? ) away from you. more like bf gf thingy.
    Lahat n yata ng lugar s pilipinas narating muna Sally
    seems that you already travel to all places / areas in the philippines sally.
    baka mausog eh...
    now this is hard.. usog is something that I greeted you and you got sick.
    sabagay nga nmn hahaha hnd mo nga pnapadapuan ng lamok weh lol..ampli Marry sponsor ka libot din tayo s pilipinas sagot ko ang kwento haha - (not a clue with this one)

    Now this is random statement, I can't even understand some of the sentences haha! but if im not mistaken, it goes something like this,

    " of course, you don't even want a mosquito to bite her, "
    don't know this " amli marry" though. could be a name.
    sponsor ka libot din tayo s pilipinas sagot ko ang kwento haha
    you'll shoudler the fare, lets travel as well in the philippines, i'll shoulder the story, ( more like a joke that he wont spend any dime but he will make the travel not boring by telling stories, conversation etc).
    Sally sabihin moh nga Jan s sponsor mo isama ako s listahan malibot ko manlang pilipinas

    this could be a joke as well,
    " sally, can you tell your sponsor to include me in the list so that I can even travel all the places in the philippines".
    Ha, sariling sikap ko yan Marry! - (or here)
    ha, its through my hard work mary
    Hai buti kApa samantala ako kahit anoh gwin gang Batangas palang (or here)

    your lucky, the farthest that I've been was only batangas ( a place in the philippines)
    Jane dapat nga kaw ang sponsor dahil mayaman kn
    jane, you should be the sponsor since your'e already richThis looks like a conversation in a forum,

    Looks like they were fooling around who will shoulder the fare to travel to different places in the Philippines.
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    Thanks for taking the time to translate that mate. It's early there in the Phils now, lol. It's 4am, no?
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    4 : 33 to be exact, :P
  • GreenspinGreenspin Posts: 12
    rtravino29 wrote:
    4 : 33 to be exact, :P

    Do you live on Luzon? I'm wonder if it will be really really raining when I come on August 10th? I guess that is the hight of the rainy season...
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    I'm from Manila, well.. summer ends at around june / july, after that, it's definitely rainy season at that month.
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