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    skimmed through it, the comments seem to be more interesting than the article itself like this one:

    posted by: I was Don Rodrigo
    "But Mark: many animals have prodigious endurance. Humans are one of those animals. We are designed for endurance. We have the potential for great aerobic fitness because we evolved as a hunting animal, and running down wounded prey was one function of survival.

    As a lifelong lifter (50 years now), with the bone density of a 25-year-old, I love the benefits of strength training, but recognize the naturalness of being able to run long distances.

    I would say that your primary point is that modern man, especially as he ages, is better off skewing his workouts towards strength training. After all, we don't need to chase down wounded elk anymore.

    As to running? My opinion is that the best kind of "running" is interval training and wind sprints, as well as fast-paced free weight workouts. Interval training in a pool is great too. But that's me.

    Love your articles, BTW."
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    interesting read. Although it was a bit eye opener since I know a lot of people who are into LSD, it's still something na dapat e.consider and not to the point you would dismiss everything else you've learned or know.

    'too much of something is bad enough' - spice girls
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