Need comments on my diet..

4 Hard Boiled Eggs

1 Scoop ON Gold Standard Whey Protein

Century Tuna - Solid in Vegetable Oil
Half Rice

4pm/After workout
1 Scoop ON Gold Standard Whey Protein

2 Boiled Potatos
Century Tuna
4 Hard Boiled Eggs

I eat my eggs with yolk :D
Thank you for comments and criticisms :)


  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Too little even for a girl.
  • jerpapijerpapi Posts: 5
    Thanks bro for the input. Since masyadong mahal para sa akin yung chicken breast, sinubstitute ko for Eggs. Ano kaya ang pwede kong idagdag dito?
  • rafderamasrafderamas Posts: 11
    Insufficient info to tell.

    What is your weight?

    What is your end goal (cut/bulk/recomp)?
  • jmpilongojmpilongo Posts: 208
    8am Protein, Fiber
    10am More Protein
    12pm Omega-3 and Carbs
    4pm More Protein
    Dinner Pottasium/Carb, Omega 3, Protein

    ang comment ko lang, while these are some of the essential nutrients needed for BBing. Don't neglect other important nutrients your body needs.
  • jerpapijerpapi Posts: 5
    I'm 5'6 1/2 and my weight plays at around 140 - 147lbs.
  • frappfrivanfrappfrivan Posts: 270C-Class
    jerpapi wrote:
    I'm 5'6 1/2 and my weight plays at around 140 - 147lbs.

    bro sama ka sa mamalenke sa mga magulang mo then madami mura dun.
    Kung d ka pihikan sa pag kain better !
    Cream dory( eto very cheap lng to) around 120 petot 1KG FILLET
    Dorado eto din mura 110 kg
    yan lng muna hahah
  • beardugo2014beardugo2014 Posts: 208
    cream dory isteam lang habang nagluluto ng kain para 1 go agad lol

    Wala akong magawa so nagcompute ako at lumalabas na ang diet mo between 1700-1950kcal depende sa laki ng patatas. Mababa nga yan para sa height mo kung plano mo magpalaki.
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