Promatrix 7 or Mutant Whey

Hi mga Sir which do you think is better? PM7 or Mutant Whey?
I've been using PM7 Ok na OK naman sya for me pero ano sa tingin nyo sa Mutant Whey?
I really need help on this :-) Thanks


  • daltonkamotedaltonkamote Posts: 3,629
    parehas silang protein drink. what to expect?
  • I prefer the High Quality one
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Kung gusto mo maging katulad ni Neo pm7 kung gusto mo naman maging wolverine mutant.
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    Pm7 isa protein blend ( whey , iso, bcaa, micellar casein ) in one shot at mura.

    mutant whey naman is whey at nakalimutan ko iba tho i believe mas mura compared on

    magkaiba sila lasa
  • wow thanks alot
  • BorexxxBorexxx Posts: 167C-Class
    I'm not an expert.. Both brands has slight difference on the contents I'm sure.. You may try the other one you mentioned to compare as well.. Taste, effect (kung ma fefeel mo, texture, taste, etc) Check your budget as well..

    For PM 7 users like me, we don't care about the texture and taste, what we go after is the cheaper price and somehow tested info based on personal experience from both worlds.. :)

    I have tried other products and indeed mas maraming mas masarap sa PM7, kaso medyo di kaya ng budget.. Yung PROTEIN naman ang pinaka habol natin diba? Other than getting protein from whole food, pang extra nalang si protein powder.. Just my two cents.. :)
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Akala ko lumang thread :)
  • milksworthmilksworth Posts: 3,138
    pm7 all the way!
  • MaloyMaloy Posts: 582C-Class
    Kung ang habol ay makatipid pero makabli ng effective at masarap na product , PM7 sir
  • Pax BisonicaPax Bisonica Posts: 125C-Class
    BUMP lang

    Na-try ko na yung PM7 at okay naman yung lasa niya although suspicious ako sa authenticity particularly sa sweetener na ginamit since di naman naka-indicate (actually di talaga sya transparent at all) so I'm moving on to a different brand and yung next in line sa "bang for the buck" is Mutant Whey.

    Parehas ba yung lasa nung PM7 Choco sa Mutant Whey Triple Choco?
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