Six Star Pro Nutrition from Muscletech

Just want to share with you my experience with this product.

This was the first brand of supplement that I bought a month after I enrolled myself on a gym. This formula is responsible for whatever visible clues I have on my body stating that "I pump and lift weights".

I got three tubs (2 lbs. each tub) for Php 4,200.00 (That's 1,400.00 each @ SupplementsForLess, Metrowalk) and got a free Six Star Pro Nutrition shirt!

Before I bought the product, I studied it's US reviews carefully and everybody seems to be happy about it except those who doesn't understand why the container is bigger than what it can hold. If you're gonna buy this, don't be surprised if the tub is half-filled - it's physics!

2 out of 3 tubs was okay. The last one: the contents was like moist and there are crystal granules which I really find unusual. Was it because it's mid-year when I got it and it's very humid at that time? I'm not sure but the taste is still the same.

I'm also not sure if it's only me but I had lots of breakouts while I was taking this. It felt like I was back in high school... it was pimple after pimple. Also, had serious constipation with this brand.

But generally, I find the product okay. I owe this product a lot especially for my starting months but unfortunately, it's not for me since I want to go bulking.
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