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Hi everyone!

I'm Jerome. I was referred to this forum by a friend because I'm having some trouble in getting shredded. Anyways, here's a little background info on who I am and what I'm doing right now:

I started to become interested in fitness last January 1. I was over 210 pounds and losing weight was my New Year's resolution. At that time, I heard about this program called Insanity, which is supposedly legit when it comes to giving you results. Thankfully, I lost a crapload of weight with Shaun T and shrinked to 170 pounds. It was a crazy weight loss phase, and I combined hard training with large amounts of calorie deficit to achieve it. Despite losing that much weight, I still wasn't happy because at that time I already decided that I want to get ripped.

After that, I did a hybrid of Insanity and P90X and went on for 3 more months. I lost more weight but in the end, I got skinny fat. I was at 150 something then and was getting frustrated because I just can't seem to develop my chest and arms along with this small belly of mine. I realized that I was at a plateau so changed my program again and decided to try Shaun T's Focus T25 workout. I managed to drop to 147 by the end of the second month, but still no development in my arms and chest. My waistline got down to 30.5 inches but it was still bulging out everytime I sit down.

It turns out I was eating too much carbs and not enough protein. At that time I didn't care about the other nutrients and focused solely on the calories. I was talking to a friend of mind and argued that I shouldn't count calories and just eat as much as I can to get ripped. I followed his advice and ate around 2700 calories per day for the third month of T25. I gained more weight and more inches on my waist after that and I'm now at 156 pounds and 32.5 inches.

So right now, I'm just about to finish the first month of P90X2 and I've lost an inch thanks to a low carb - high protein diet. I always try to eat less than 150 grams of carbs per day and at least 160 grams of protein without counting the calories.

So far, I'm just really confused about my diet. Should I cut down calories to lose the belly or continue eating more to get ripped? Here's a picture of mine which I took just this night to give you guys an idea on my physique.

My typical diet would go on like this:

Breakfast: Peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread and a glass of non fat milk
post workout: protein shake (Musclepharm), scrambled eggs (with yellow) and a small can of tuna or 2 rashes of bacon
lunch: half a cup of rice with rosemary chicken and sweet potatoes plus an egg
afternoon snack: pork barbque on a stick (2 pieces)
dinner: beef steak
night snack: protein shake (muscle pharm)


  • make a journal. lahat ng stats mo post mo dun. and pics nadin. salamat
  • I'm more concerned about the diet eh. Ano ba ang tamang amount of calories/carbs/protein/fat to consume to get ripped while losing fat at the same time?
  • bomsbonbomsbon Posts: 194
    Welcome sa pbb sir gawa ka ng journal kagaya nga ng sabi ni boss dalts para lalo kang matulungan :)
  • RockcenaRockcena Posts: 603
    gawa ka journal sir. introduction kc dto. welcome to pbb pla.
  • JIbanez27 wrote:
    I'm more concerned about the diet eh. Ano ba ang tamang amount of calories/carbs/protein/fat to consume to get ripped while losing fat at the same time?

    kaya nga pinapagawa kita ng journal eh, try reading then or use the sites search tool. may FAQS na tayo sa gilid. kung gusto mo nutrition dun you can ask.
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class


    +1 ako sa sinabi ni fafa dalts make your journal and state everything you do. From training, what you are eating, your everyday activities etc. From there may mas maibibigay na advice sayo

    Kung concerned ka sa diet mo lang eh im telling you right now ung naiisip mo na physique e most likely malayo sa magiging resulta yan
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Mag buhat ka ng bongang bonga! Half the battle lang yung diet! Insanity sucks MF ass for muscle gains!
    Believe brah!
  • melvinmelvin Posts: 35
    Programming hobby mo tol?paturo namn ng bwisit na java oh!

    Btw gawa ka ng journal marame tutulong sau dto.
    Malalake lang katawan nila pero mababaet sila.hahaha

    Mas bata ka sakin ahhh!
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    melvin wrote:
    Programming hobby mo tol?paturo namn ng bwisit na java oh!

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