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Good day masters!

I am a newbie in this forum but have been a lurker for a few months now, both here and at TPC.

I was into weight lifting a few years back (2006 to 2008) to lose weight while at the same time to build strength and get lean. I "somehow" got good at it and dropped weight from ~230lbs (~34 %BF) to ~170lbs (~13% BF) in a span of 6 months.

I unfortunately injured my right shoulder while doing my bench press which caused me to stop and gained fat once again, my weight went back up to 220lbs with 32% BF.

I started lifting weights again end of last year (2012). when we lost our 9-month old daughter, to take a break from life's stresses. I could not keep up and maintain consistent training schedules however due to a hectic work schedule and once again, injured my upper back so bad while doing barbell rows. 6 sessions of physical therapy did not help and it gets worse by day, as the pain radiated to my traps, bicep/tricep and down to my forearm, that I could hardly lift a 10lbs dumbell using my right arm.
So once again, I took a rest for a few months.

I am testing my arm's strength from time to time to see if it is well and good again, but although the pain disappeared, i could still feel it whenever i lift a measly 10lbs dumbell.

While looking at my photos one day when i first got addicted to working out and compared it with my current state, It just came to me: "What the hell! pain is just a state of mind!".

So with that thought, I braved our gym and started doing my usual routine.. little by little.. as days and weeks pass, I could feel that my arm is healing itself and is gaining its old strength, as if a new muscle was born and overpowered the old. I can honestly say that it really did not heal, as I could still feel the pain whenever I poke at the affected area, but seems I have tricked my mind into ignoring it.

I am back to working out for more or less 7 months now and decided to sign up here in PBB to gain new friends, learn, share, and hopefully join the GWO's of the masters here.

That's all for now. Thanks for having me here!


  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    welcome bro! very interesting journey, daming adversities pero you stayed positive. gawa ka ng journal para masubaybayan natin ang progress mo :)


  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Welcome brah.

    What we do with what we have now is what matters. Kasi if we're going to blame what has happened walang magbabago. Astig ang determination mo brah.

    make your own journal at sumama ka sana sa GWO.

    If you know yatez since you are lurking na pala pwede mo i meet un around the area siya jan.
  • Welcome bro !

    Great job for looking in the bright side of your life.
  • CoreCore Posts: 2,509B-Class
    On every moment you stand again whenever things put you down. Kudos to you, sir!
    Welcome to the community!
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Check your form bro, it seems like you're getting injured all the time anyways welcome oo medjo madalas ako around east san ka dyan?
  • Thanks masters for welcoming me. I do hope to meet and join you on your GWO one of these days. Will post a personal journal soon.

    @Yatez - yep, most probably due to my form or the weight is too heavy for me. Dito ako sa eastwood nakatira. So, if you are near the area and want to work out, may mini gym dito although the plates are somewhat limited. Or pwede din kita puntahan kung kelangan mo ng cheerer. :lol Hehe..
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Welcome sir :^^
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