Nitric Oxide

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Inside the small tub, notice the clumps.

I will give a (pesonal) review the products based on this parameters: Taste, Mixability, Price and Servings and Performance.

The item was brought at Cash and Carry mall at Tiggy's for 1050 pesos.
Taste - 6/10, I took the Raspberry Blue Flavor. Im not happy with the taste to be honest. I took the serving in half with also half the water. You may take the whole serving in full but with half the water then drink another glass of water to remove the after taste. Too much water will give you bloated feeling. You may want to get a tablet form if you cant tolerated it.

Mixability: 10/10 - its mixable alright, given the clumps of the powder it mixes easily.

Price and Servings: 9/10 - Ill give it a strong 9/10 compared to the other prices of Nitric Oxide (you may want to compare with other powder form). For a beginner, i can say the price is pretty decent for a recommended 30 servings if you want to try Nitric Oxide. Im taking half of recommended servings and personally will stay on this as got good gains with it.

Performance: 9/10 - I haven't tried other products so ill give it a 9. And Yes, i got good performance compared to not taking it (placebo, maybe). Hitting my reps/weight from my usual workout, sometimes more. I did not feel that usual muscle soreness that will make you feel you can still hit the plates again. With this taking half of the usual dose at the back of the product, haven't tried in full.

Personal Advice: As a Med student, be aware of the therapeutic effects of Nitrates (vasodilators for angina's or chest pain), as for this case it was used as vasodilators for muscles so it can be as aerobic as it can be. I am emphasizing that i took it in half the dose given my height and weight (the recommended dose might be true to american and maybe different to asians), find the dose where you're comfortable with (1/4 in tsp in increment). Overdose/Adverse effect in vasodilators include's Hypotension(decreased blood pressure, due to increased venous pooling), Tachycardia (increased heart rate, because of decreased blood to the heart it will tend to compensate), Headache and Acute Renal Failure (decreased end arterial supply to brain and kidneys) and even death (decreased supply to heart). Don't right sleep after you took it.

Would i recommend it?: Yes, for price/performance i would but be aware of the adverse effect of nitrate as it will not give you superman-like powers.

the reviewer is 26 y/o, 5'6 in height and 165lbs in weight.


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    My Cardio physician recommended me to take N.O.. But this review is compelling me lol

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