2nd Powerlifting Meet Prep. Got the Bronze. Chase the Gold.



  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Feel like another person this time around. Feel like pushing beyond the limit each WO.
    Feel like kicking ass day after day after day. Feelsgoodbreaux.

    Finally free from the girl problem I've had and got back to work in the kitchen again. Pretty much ignored her and her dude. Fuck em. I don't need their shit.

    Met an entirely new batch of cooks that replaced most if not all of my colleagues since their contracts have ran out. Met a really cool chick nung plated banquet namin na 2000+packets and got along with her instantly. Went out together, had teenage fun and ended the adventure umaga na


    OCT 20

    Teamsports LPC
    BW 92KG

    (felt heavier for some reason, got weaker?)

    Front Squats

    2 sets of Goodmornings

    Bodyweight Squats x 100


    snatch practice
    jerk practice

    10 burpees
    30 push ups
    20 squats
    30 push ups
    10 burpees
    for time 3:44

    dumbell rows 70lbs x 30 x 3
    bicep curls 30lbs x 3 x 12
    tangina deep down every guy has a primal urge to do a set of bicep curls. Nag give in na ako. Bicep curls rule haha.

    For the truth is that I already know as much about my fate as I need to know. The day will come when I will die. So the only matter of consequence before me is what I will do with my allotted time. I can remain on shore, paralyzed with fear, or I can raise my sails and dip and soar in the breeze.

    -Richard Bode


    Teka. Kain muna.

  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Glad you moved on. Good job brah.

    And for the food:

  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Ngayon ko nga lang na isa puso yung

    "We're all gonna make it brah" na saying hahaha.


    Okay na okay na sa food kahit sa bahay, basta bilang lang yung guestimate.

    Oct 21

    BW 92kg

    Dips 5 sets of 2

    Negative Pull ups
    Half-assed reps Pull ups.

    Push ups 3x25

    135 x 5
    140 x 5
    140 x 5
    145 x 3
    100 x12 x 2

    Snatch Practice from Power position

    Jerk Practice

    Core work.

    Taking a light day since I didn't want to take an off and practiced Oly lifts instead.
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Teka new tat ba yan or yan yung nabangit mo before?

    Shit that food is something!
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Ano pala yang food mo list mo na ingredients hahaha
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Ito yung sinasabi kong magpapa tattoo ako ng 8" na chef knife nung sunday ko lang napagawa. Natupad rin hahaha!
    Next tattoo project is a grizzly bear deadlifting a tree branch with honey combs for plates or something in that manner.

    Yung plate consists off

    Cheesy Scrambled Eggs w/ tomatoes and onions
    Homemade Pork Tapa bone in.
    Hotdog na ginisa sa garlic at sibuyas at kunting pan made caramel na nag co-coat sakanya.
    At Purefoods na corned beef na ginisa sa onions,garlic,tomatoes at sili.

    Yung Scrambled Eggs
    parmesan, butter, milk, onions, tomatoes, pepper, salt.
    Pork Tapa marinade is
    sliced lemon, toyo, suka, simple sugar syrup(2:1 ratio of sugar and water brought to a boil and reduced till desired consistency is reached),
    worcestershire mccormick, pineapple juice, freshly crushed peppercorns.

    yung hotdog mahilig kasi ako sa matamis, baka di niyo matripan nag gagawa ako ng caramel tapos ginigisa ko yung hotdog at sibuyas dun.

    haha. Next time post ko yung mga niluluto ko sa work na puede pang BB diet.
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    ^chicken breast recipes brah hahaha
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Happy Monday WORLD
    It is comforting to know
    That grace beauty and wisdom
    Will see you through
    That you can bless life with your light
    That you can make a difference
    By the quality of your willingness
    To be present with LOVE
    That you can heal while your healing
    That you can soar while being still
    That you can access your purity
    innocence beauty and wisdom
    At will
    Believe and achieve
    Magnanimity and greatness your new skin
    Integrity your shield
    Peace of mind
    Good health and joy
    Your earthly treasure
    Dance go beyond your fears
    Abandon your comfort zone
    Yes forget your story and live life
    See and feel only
    Holy sacred and divine
    Carlos Santana

    Matrabaho gawing masarap ng sobra ang chicken breast.
    mostly ang masarap gawin sakanya i crust or i coat i deep fry or i oven ng sobrang lakas na temperature para hindi ma dry
    at dahil hindi naman helti ang crusted o deep fried
    Ito mga picks ko:

    Lemon+olive oil+white wine+salt+pepper chicken breast grilled on both sides till browned tapos balot mo kaagad sa foil even if its raw inside. Continuous cooking. Let it rest for 3 minutes para pumasok yung init sa loob. Sobrang juicy ng chicken pag ganto

    Butterflied Chicken breasts, stuffed with cheese, spinach at mushroom

    so para siyang cordon bleu minus the deep fried coated part

    fillet it, lagyan mo ng cheese, spinach at mushrooms inside tapos iroll mo na ulit.
    grill it tapos ibalot mo ulit.

    pinaka favorite ko gawin sa chicken breast isama sa stir fry.

    lemon marinated chicken breast strips
    tubig+chicken cubes
    young corn
    kahit anong veggies
    oyster sauce
    dark soy
    sesame oil
    chili flakes.

    Dali lang mag stir fry. Puede kayo maglaro with anything and everything.
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Lol la ako pake kung deep fried or hindi healthy or what yan hahaha ilabas na yan! hahaha
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    HAHA a tr00 IIFYM practicioner. IDOL. sige I'll see what I can come up with.
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Medjo umay na ko sa breaded na breast eh lol
  • daltonkamotedaltonkamote Posts: 3,629
    Yatez wrote:
    Medjo umay na ko sa breaded na breast eh lol

    ako dati ginagawa ko, steam chicken breast, pag ka steam mag salang ako ng bell peppers, red at green tapos brownrice, tapos halo halo lagay paminta tapos sabay sama nung breast hiniwa hiwa ko na, lagay kaunting oyster sauce. uhm sarap. ahehe!
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    yan na rin ginagawa ko parang rice toppings eh para mabilis kainin haha, kaso umay padin gusto ko lang sa breaded kahit umaga ko lahat lutuin di nasisira, pag kase grilled/steamed pag dating ng gabi medjo maasim na lalo na yung maliliit na taba kasuka lol
  • daltonkamotedaltonkamote Posts: 3,629
    lol pag nasa ref with salt ung steamed hindi naman ganun napapanis or iba amoy.
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    Ewan ko ganyan nangyayari sa manok ko kahit asa ref hahaha
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Gets ko na kung bakit hindi ko kaya mag DL's sa kalawanging gym ng alam kong kaya ko buhatin di tulad sa Eclipse haha

    Sans having weightlifting chalk Kasi pala yung bar rito samin napaka taba. Pinalitan ko ng 6ft
    long bar na kasing nipis ng standard oly bar at nakapag set ako ng bagong PR sa Gym na yun.

    Teamsports Gym
    Oct 22,2013
    BW: 92KG
    5g pre-w/o creatine
    2 cobra smart + 3 coffee san miguel strong 3-1 = crazy energi.

    5 sets of 2 reps

    Sumasakit traps ko sa dips normal lang ba to sa simula?

    300lbs 3 sets of 5 reps
    280 2 sets of 8 reps

    Pull up negatives
    Dead hanging pull ups for time
    half-assed pull ups. (feel like I'm almost there!!! HAHA)

    clean practice
    power clean practice
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    LOL araw araw nanaman ako nag tetrain.

    Oct, 23

    5g creatine
    3 cups of black coffee

    8 sets of 1 or 2 or 3 (16 reps in total)

    Tried overhead pressing again. Na overcome ko na yung problem ko. Due to bad form pala. Dati yung elbows ko tucked in. It should be naka taas pala ng kunti sabi ni Uncle Rippetoe. Got weaker at it pero at least I'm doing it right now.

    70 x 5
    80 x 5
    85 x 5
    90 x 1

    145 x 5 (nabalik na! AHA!)
    140 x 5 x 2
    140 x 3

    C&J singles

    Power Clean singles

    Speed DL's
    100 to 250

    Deficit DL's of 2 45 plates
    300lbs x 5 x 2

    345 x 1 (felt lighter at the bottom could've pulled it for a double or triple I think.)
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    May thread sa BB.com > motivation sub-forum on

    What's your Why?
    and it's got me thinking. Oo nga ano, what is my why? Why did I start and why do I continue? What keeps me motivated?

    So i grabbed a pen and wrote, here's what I came up with. Share ko na sa journal ko para mabalikan ko paminsan minsan.
    It's helped me become a stronger version of myself (Elliot hulse, strengthcamp crew lol)

    Seriously though. I grew up as a weak, oft bullied very overweight low self esteemed boy, was witty and full of character because of that and being stuck watching old movies and playing vidja games. Wasn't really good at socializing with people at all. Lifting heavy has helped me understand more about the human nature, the power of will and perseverance and the benefit of hardwork put into a certain matter and it certainly boosted my self-image into positive epic proportions.
    I've gotten to a point where I said never again and pushed one step forward and never looked back.

    My Why?

    It's nice being able to leap, run, climb walls, gates, skip, hop, bounce, row boats and go skateboarding.
    It's great not being out of breath and sweaty after walking 5 minutes outside.
    It's epic being able to do have an obstacle before you and overcoming it head on instead of tip toe-ing around the problem, lifting has taught me that much.

    It's nice to be able to pursue women without feeling inadequate.

    It's great to know that you, stripped down to the core are worthy of being loved and liked because you yourself have put in much effort and love to keeping fit and healthy. If that makes sense.

    It's epic being better at sex (that hip drive from squatting, glute thrust from DL's yo.)

    That's my why.
    What's yours PBB peeps?
  • redred Posts: 753
    Ngaun lang ulet nagka time to visit PBB, medyo naging busy sa work, then nag try lang ako bisitahin at magbasa dito sa 1st page ng journal mo and wow! Eto ang isa sa mga nakita kong malupet na transformation.

    I will continue to read your journal later. Mukang marami rin ako matutunan dito when it comes to preparing my meal.

    Last word ...ENVY! ... you got the stuffs man! food and equipments ... all you need to do is maging consistent at hindi mawala yung motivation.

    Good luck bro!
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Cheers man! salamat sa pag daan sa journal ko.

    Wala ako masyado cooking tips kasi hindi ko na dodoccument mga meals ko, guestimates kasi e haha.
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