2nd Powerlifting Meet Prep. Got the Bronze. Chase the Gold.



  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Oh man. Thank you so much guys. Solid lists from sir Vinch and Big Dawg. :yahoo: Thank you so much guys.
    Hindi pa napasok yung sweldo ko to buy more plates badtrip.

    Still pretty busy with work and personal stuff that the daily cardio that I do has taken a backseat and the habits of eating what's in front me is coming back slowly cause of the stress. Not good. Not sure if its just being bloated or water weight but I got back to 91KG from 89KG. Not feeling it and also looking at myself in the mirror seems like the same.

    August 30, 2013
    Wasn't up to do a whole body workout cause of a mild cough/runny nose and decided to split it upper/lower

    Upper body day

    BB press
    110lbs, 3x10
    Flat DB press
    45's 3x10
    Incline DB press
    45's 3x8
    Chest Flyes
    40's 2x12

    80lbs 3x8

    Power Clean and Press
    50lbs x 5
    60lbs x 5
    70lbs x 3
    80lbs x 3
    90lbs x 1

    Tricep Press Downs
    80lbs 3x12
    90lbs x 8

    DB Tricep Extensions
    25's 3x10

    Lat Pulldowns
    90 1x15
    100 2x12
    115 1x8
    125 1x3

    Narrow Lat Pulls
    100 3x15
    115 2x10
    125 1x5

    BB rows
    85lbs 3x12
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Got more ABC's baby safety mats for my home barbell/floor workout and 30lbs more plates. Natatakot ako I set up sa garage namin ,baka pag gising ko sa umaga wala na hahaha.

    Ang bilis ng panahon, more than one month na ako nag lilift seriously and I feel fucking on top of the world. Nag renew ako membership sa current gym ko, not pretty to look at but it makes me stronger so why fix what ain't broken? :yahoo:

    Lower Body/Core Day BW:89KG (As I hoped, I was just bloated the other day. I really hope I don't slip in my diet and regimen again for too long and undo all the hardwork I've done)

    August 31, 2013

    Box Jumps 4ft 3x20
    Step ups 1ft 3, 1 minute rounds
    Farmers Walk 50lbs plates 2 1 minute rounds
    Weighted Planks
    50lbs plate 1 minute round
    1 minute round body weight x 2
    Barbell Lunges 40lbs, fucking around lunging around the gym for a few minutes.

    Squats 200lbs 1x5, 1x3, 1x8, 1x5 :yahoo:
    (So happy with this. First time squatting 200lbs jumped around in glee after albeit with shaky legs hahaha)
    Almost died doing squats on the last set.


    200lbs 2x8
    250 triple
    260 single.
    Grip strength gave out and couldn't do my PR of 280.
    All in all it was an awesome workout. Felt content.
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    !@#!@#! Sir Vinch, sobrang sarap na exercise ng Haymakers. Panalo lahat ng recommendations niyo with the home workout thing. Pero may serious mind body connection ako dun sa Haymakers talaga haha. feels na feels.

    Teamsports Gym
    200lbs x 5
    250lbs x 3
    260lbs x 3
    270lbs x 1
    280lbs x 1
    285lbs x 1
    290lbs x 1
    295lbs x 1
    Missed 305lbs could get the weight up but not past my shins. Rested a bit and tried a few more times. Next week for sure.

    Bench Press
    100 2 x 10
    110 x 5
    120 2 x 5
    125 x 3
    130 x 2

    Clean and Jerks
    60 x 5
    70 x 5
    80 x 5
    90 x 3
    100 x 1

    50 1x12
    100 3x5

    Had to be somewhere and didn't have enough time to lift. Finishing up Rows and Squats tomorrow.
  • Bilis ng progress mo sa squat at DL :sport:
    Lufet cheerscheers
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Thanks extend! Hindi ko alam kung may kinalaman pero nung nag simula ako mag plyometrics lumakas DL's ko.
    ang long term goal ko sa DL's at Squats sana mapuntahan ko yung point na kaya ko x2 ng body weight ko! hehe.
    Hirap lang pataasin ng bench at overhead press ko. Hina ng upper body ko man badtrip. Kung may tips kayo jan, it would be greatly appreciated
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Sometimes I go home to my house sa LPC where I usually train, sometimes sa Makati area and most recently I've a place to crash in Quezon City. Lifted at Revflex Gym near Banawe. Oly Bar's lahat weighing at 40lbs so I had to put less plates in . Huge space.

    Bench Press
    100lbs 1x5
    130lbs 5x3

    Push ups
    BW 5x10

    Clean and Jerks
    85 1x5
    95 1x5 (goddamn exhausting I've got to quit smoking)
    100 1x3
    110 1x1
    120 1x1 ( I missed a few times but finally got the weight up and locked it)

    70 1x5

    180lbs 1x8
    200lbs 3x5
    210lbs 1x3 (crazy how my bench is stuck but my squat keeps getting stronger)

    100lbs 1x20
    150lbs 1x12
    200lbs 1x8
    250lbs 1x5
    270lbs single
    280lbs single
    290lbs single
    300lbs FUCKING HELL YES. Feel na feel mode pulling that much from the floor. Gusto ko tumalon sa tuwa sa gym at ngaratan yung mga bench press junkies every day is upper day na nakapila sa bench. haha too much testosterone goin.
    I gotta video my form on max effort DL's though. I must've looked like an injury waiting to happen. My lower back is killing me right now haha.

    Weighted Planks
    BW + 45's 2x1 minute rounds
    BW 1x 2 minutes (crushingly hard)

    Lat Pulls
    120 1x10
    135 1x6 (Bad form need to readjust)
    Narrow Lat Pulls
    135 2x8
    Yates Rows
    60 2x8
    Bent over BB rows
    85 2x8
    Renegade Rows (messing around with rows)
    25's 1x12
  • milksworthmilksworth Posts: 3,138
    Masala, dyan sa reflex nag bubuhat yung iba nating brothers in iron. I also lift there pay nag yaya sila. Equips are good as they are all imported kaya Lang medyo pricey ang gym fee for a regular gym rat like us. Enjoy your training dude!
  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    Good job on the PR! we'll wait for your vid para makita natin kung may kailangan ba talga ayusin.

    BTW are you part of the GTD group sa FB?
  • pa accept ako boss sa GTD :D
  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    hahah di ako admin dun sir eh. member lang din antay2x ka lang baka iapprove ka din ng admin ung request mo.
  • na accept na ako sa wakas thanks sa nag accept last month pa kasi ako nag jojoin dun hahaha xD
  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    ano yung GTD?
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    @milksworth. Oo nga e! Too pricey for me as well. I was like "Fuck, ilang itlog na nabili ko dun" Wala lang talaga ako mahanap na bakal bakal type gym around the area puro "fitness centre's" I cringe everytime i hear the term haha. Thanks boss milksworth! Pag nakita ko kayo doon I'll definitely try to bug you haha!

    @DS, thanks sir. I'm gonna take a week to deload for a while and see what's up. Video coming soon! Hope to really get good at DL's. I love doing them. Hindi ko alam yung GTD ano yun?
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    For those of you who've been following my story so far might remember me being stuck at work because of the typhoon. Nakuha ko na this cutoff yung extra cash because of that and used it to enroll at Eclipse Gym. With my crazy schedule sobrang panalo because it's open 24/7. I'm trying to coax all my overweight cook friends to join me as well.

    Sobrang ganda ng facilities nila, first time I've been to such a place. Good thing a friend of mine recommended it to me only having good things to say about the place. Staff were very cool to me and are into strength training as well.

    No more excuses from now on.
    My short term goal would be hitting that 315 deadlift challenge for myself at the end of the 1st month.

    I'm at a loss on what to do now in regards to nutrition since I'm now at 194lbs comfortable nako sa sarili ko. Small US sized dress shirts nag kakasya na sakin which I find very weird. Continue cutting even if there's nothing to cut on? Bulk? Body Recomp? Maintain my current weight? I might just try to hit maintenance until my strength plateaus. Does the masters have any thoughts on this? I wanna hear from my idols sir Vinch and the Big Dawg if you guys have something to say from your experiences.

    Chapter II start:
    September 15th

    Bench/Deadlift Day

    Flat DB Press
    60 3x8

    Incline BB press
    100 3x8

    Push Ups

    Kroc Rows
    60's 3x20 (Rep PR)
    70's 1x10

    1x10 (Rep PR)

    3x12 (killer DOMS.)

    Power Clean

    Did loaded barbell carries(100lbs) in the back squat rack position around my neighborhood for 5 rounds at the 5th round I almost didn't get to push the barbell back up to my chest haha.

    Can't wait to train some more!

    Squat/Military Press tomorrow.
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    September 17th
    Squat/OHP day

    Cardio from Sofitel to Eclipse Gym

    1x5 150lbs hit
    1x5 180lbs hit
    1x5 200lbs hit
    1x10 200lbs hit (NEW REP PR.)
    1x15 150lbs
    Front Squats

    Weighted Planks
    45lbs 3x 1 minute rounds
    Farmers Walk
    70's 3x 2 minute rounds
    Beer Keg Carry
    2x 45lbs plates
    1x35lbs plate
    3x 2 minute round

    1x5 55lbs hit
    1x5 60lbs hit
    1x5 65lbs hit
    1x12 65lbs hit

    5x12 45lbs

    Clean and Jerk
    5 x 95lbs
    5 x 115lbs
    1 x 120lbs

    Cardio from Eclipse Gym to Makati - Home.

    Hit all the weight that I wanted to hit this time around. Pretty happy.
  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    bro, hindi ko alam ano diet mo, meal plan, macros or anything but seems like you are progressing based on your logs. you also seem to be happy and motivated. i dont think you are lost since you said you are comfortable with yourself. sounds like you just want to know if what your doing is really working or maybe you just got lucky. ganito lang bro, as much as you want to be precise with numbers and details, you cant measure results, you cant compute confidence and happiness. so masasabi ko lang is continue what you are doing and make the most out of it, dont anticipate for setbacks, it will always come! trust me, hindi mauubos and setbacks! stop worrying about overtraining, overeating/undereating, selfdoubt and all that shit when you're making gains, PR's and reaching your goals right now. you are already a badass and an animal in the gym, you cant doubt that! relax lang and enjoy the newbie gains, tsaka mo gawing technical yung approach mo pag ready ka na for it :)


  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Repped your post sir vinch. Panalo talaga. Don't regret making my journal here sobrang laking tulong.
    Thanks so much. Tama ka. I'm over thinking too much when everything I've been doing so far has been working out pretty well naman. Galing. Yun lang talaga character ko masyadong OA hahaha! Thanks :)
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    September 19th, 2013
    Teamsports LPC
    BW: 90kg (bloated from eating too much the night before)

    Bench/DL day
    Wasn't the best day for training today but felt awesome and unstoppable afterwards even with the misses, hitting it for sure next time.

    200lbs 1x3 hit
    230lbs 1x3 hit
    255lbs 1x2 miss
    255lbs 1x3 hit (grip strength on right hand needs work
    or need to increase rest time from 3 minutes to 5 or more)
    265lbs 1x2 hit

    Assistance Work:
    Deadlift 200lbs x 8 x 3
    Kroc Rows 70's x 15 x 3 Rep PR. Kaya pala. Willpower win.
    Power Cleans 60lbs 3x5

    Bench Press
    110lbs 1x3 hit
    115lbs 1x3 hit
    130lbs 1x3 hit
    135lbs 1x3 miss. Got two reps in, really feel weak at upper body pushing. My new goal would be to overcome that and build a stronger upper body.

    Assistance Work:
    BW Push ups 3x12
    BP 100lbs x 3 x 10
    Tricep work for 10 minutes

    Walk from Teamsports Gym to LPC house.

    Loaded Barbell Carries in the back squat lockout position
    110lbs x 3 rounds of 3 minutes around the neighborhood.

    Speed DL's 110lbs

    Barbell Rows
    110 x 5

    Clean and Jerk 110lbs x 5
    Everytime I had to set the barbell to my back and back down.

    Tomorrow friends of mine are training with me. Should be a kickass day GWO! :sport:
  • @ Yatez, GTD Gym top dogs yun private group nasa fb
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    September 20th
    OHP/Squat 3x3 Day
    Teamsports LPC

    55lbs x 3 hit
    65lbs x 3 hit
    75lbs x 3 hit
    75lbs x 5 hit NEW REP PR.

    170lbs x 3 hit
    195lbs x 3 hit
    220lbs x 3 hit
    220lbs x5 hit NEW REP PR

    Weighted Planks 50lbs

    Home Assistance Work

    Front Squats 1x12 100lbs
    OHP 3x8 70lbs
    Crunches 3x20
    BW Planks 3x 2 minute rounds.
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