Natural Foods for Body Building

Hi, share ko lang some foods I know that are inexpensive but effective and helpful for us.

Source of L-Glutamine, lots of it: Cabbage / Repolyo

Source of Calcium: Sweet Potato / Kamote (tibay ng ngipin ng mga ancestors natin from eating this)

Source of Potassium : Bananas / Saging na Saba (not the highest source of potassium from plant based pero ito pinakamura at abundant sa bansa)

Source of Magnesium : Butong Pakwan

Proteins : Organic Eggs with Omega 3 pa / Chix Breast / Broccoli / Malunggay (sa Baguio mura :P )

Aminos : Animal meats, eggs, raw milk

Fat soluble vitamins: Balut, Liver, Animal Fats (pero iwasan ang cholesterol from commercial cooking oils)

Fatty Acids : Fatty Fish (isdang sariwa para sa mga malalapit sa dagat...wah malayo kami :jd: )

Foods for boosting testosterone: Avocados, Bananas, Celery

L-carnitine: Beef

Vitamins: Fresh Fruits

Multivitamins: Malunggay (the king of it)

Vitamin D : Sunlight, Mga isdang buro o fermented, dilis

Minerals: Liver

These are what I think madaling bilhin, practical for us, your thoughts & opinions are appreciated? :sport:


  • Big DawgBig Dawg Posts: 645
    Protein - beef, chicken, fish, pork, turkey, deer (ie, almost any meat, lean cuts are prefered to avoid unhealthy fats), eggs, milk, cheese, nuts

    Carbs - Rice, potatoes, whole grains, pasta, beans, peas, corn

    Fats - fish oil, flax oil, nuts

    The above foods are the only list one needs to get big and strong. Throw in some green veggies, salads and fruits for general health and good to go. ;)
  • Ooh that's really good information about the natural foods for body building.. Why you didn't add vegetables and fruits in this food list for natural bodybuilding..?
    Because ray vegetable and fruits also very beneficial for the natural bodybuilding..
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