Motivated newbie here

Hey guys, I've already tried weightlifting for about 3-4 months with a classmate of mine sa QC last december to march then nagstop ako and i'm trying to get back. Now dito nako naghanap ng gym sa bulacan and i'm confused on what type of training and diet I should be doing.

sa training kasi, nakikinig lang ako sa sinasabi ng classmate ko and although may results namang nakita pakiramdam ko meron pang mas effective kesa dun. kumbaga walang routine kasi, kung ano lang maisipan. sa diet naman I eat the regular filipino foods. pandesal sa umaga, ulam w/ rice sa tanghali and ganun din sa gabi. kung may snacks man, i've resolved na fruits lang talaga like an apple or banana with skyflakes "fit" (if it is really fit i don't know haha).

even though i've had my share of weight training, i'm still a complete newbie and I want to have a better body and i'm motivated to do so. by the way, ang budget ko rin pala is very strict kasi student pako and i've read na ang mahal ng need mo gastusin pero I hope there are alternatives for us na di masakit sa bulsa.

recently tinry ko to

last week and this week ginawa ko siya sa mornings ng MWF. maganda ba itong program na ito? or super outdated na and there are better ones for a beginner like me? hehehe i was hoping for your guidance and opinions on this. pati sa nutritional diet kung di makakaabala, idea lang kung ano pwede satin. di kasi ko magaling sa pagcalculate ng protein, calorie etc gulong gulo ko haha so i was hoping na maging gaya gaya na muna sa diet ninyo

anyway, thank you in advance guys and i hope maging as strong and as lean ako tulad ninyo. more power!


  • noelnoel Posts: 304
    you came to the right place.....

    there are many here who will be able to help you...pag naswertehan baka may member pa na malapit sa location mo...

    one thing i've learned here is that you won't be able to get some gains if you don't take the following seriously...
    > Nutrition
    > Workout
    > Rest

    let's wait for the masters with regards to the workout fitted for you...but for anyone to be able to give you suggestions...better if you can fill us in with more info about your current weight and daily nutrition...

    welcome to PBB
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class

    to add.. make a realistic goal.. If you want to bulk accept the fact that you will gain some fats... Then if you cut, accept the fact that you may lose some size but definitely you will shed some weight. It will never be on the same boat.

    For me lang, not that super master same boat lang tayo na newbie. For sure on your type, it'll take time since yung meals eh tipidsikels but enjoy your newbie gainz at the moment.. Get a basic strength training along side with hypertrophy assistance to get your basic strength numbers because linear progression sila then after you hit the wall with your workout.. then ikaw na gagawa ng programming mo.
  • roshinoburoshinobu Posts: 69
    thanks for both your replies. sa ngayon ang body weight ko is at 143lbs and i'm an endomorph with a height of 5'6". ang goal ko complete overhaul ng daily diet tapos magkaron ng leaner body. like more defined abs and chest (no more man boobs hehe).

    i've read na ang mga endomorph daw e dapat early during the day lang magcarbs then more on protein na afterwards, hindi kasi ko familiar sa kung ano healthy foods natin dito sa pinas e. kasi nabasa ko na ang fish or red meat pang protein, di ko alam anong luto ba ang healthy baka mamaya fish nga kinakain ko hindi naman pala healthy yung pagkaluto so parang wala lang rin.

    nabasa ko rin na 6 meal diet ang dapat sa mga kabody type ko, parang ganito:
    Breakfast: eggs with veggies, orange, green tea
    Snack: mixed nuts, pear
    Lunch: tuna, roman lettuce, olives, olive oil
    Snack: cottage cheese with apple
    Post workout: ground round, quinoa, spinach, banana
    Dinner: chicken, spinach, baby carrots, peer
    Pre-bed snack: cottage cheese, berries, ground flax seeds, fish oil

    pero may masasuggest po ba kayo na mas "pinoy friendly" or mas specific na luto na realistic sa culture natin? hehehe sobrang clueless kasi ko e thanks po talaga, any opinion and suggestion is greatly appreciated
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Welcome to PBB.

    Ok na yung workout na na-research mo, actually that's a great program.
    Pero sa diet medjo hindi ako sang ayon.

    143lbs sa 5'6 endomorph?Hmmm...

    Gawa ka journal sir para mas matulungan ka ng mga members.
  • badass_vinchbadass_vinch Posts: 4,466A-Class
    eto lang tip ko sayo kapatid:

    1. EAT!
    2. TRAIN!
    3. SLEEP!
    4. REPEAT!

    in other words

    1. eat meat! protein will make you thick! there are only 3 things you need Protein, carbs and Fat... in short EAT!
    2. dont try to complicate your workout by copying what's on youtube. lift consistently and try to learn from those who you think knows what's he's doing. dont just listen to random people who doesnt seem to set a good example to you. false info is contagious.
    3. make sure you recover and dont abuse yourself. you grow while resting not while training.
    4. once you start, there's no going back or else you just wasted everything. keep it simple, you will eventually get what you want.


  • roshinoburoshinobu Posts: 69
    thanks po sa mga reply ninyo, @sir allen, as you can see medyo clueless tlaga ko hehe pero kaya ko nasabing endo ko kasi stubby ang katawan ko and may pagkaslow ang metabolism.

    @sir vinch, i'll keep what you said in mind and keep it simple na muna. i've been reading a lot of guides here and marami nako nakuhang ideas on what to do. also tulad nga ng sinabi mo, magingat sa false info which aware naman ako na meron talaga hehehe if may doubt ako i'll read up here or ask nalang po :)

    for now, i'll just keep training and not over eat. iwas sweets narin (may pagkasweet tooth kasi ko, lakas umubos ng mga chocolate bars and chewy candy pag natempt hehehe).
  • emon02emon02 Posts: 700
    welcome bro, dont complicate masyado sa body type na yan. train consistently, eat properly, rest and you will see them gains coming.
  • roshinoburoshinobu Posts: 69
    ^will do sir! :) thank you
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