Best supplements for bulking

Mga sir ask lang po. Salamat. :P


    still protein powder mate

    kase puede kang gumawa ng sarili mong weight gainer

    pero ang "mass/weight gainer" di mo puedeng gawing pure protein
    ung walang carbs na halo

    protein powder
    multi vits
    creatine mono
    pre-workout(kung my extra cash,or on sale) i usually get free pre-W0,ung mga samples lang
  • Ok bro salamat. :)
  • XianHijasXianHijas Posts: 10
    Mga sir ask lang po. Salamat. :P

    Whey Protein and Fish Oils is the useful supplements in my opinion
    because it really helps us on our dietary for bulking and also for cutting
    but overall, you don't really need supplements to build muscle at all, they are just a tool :)
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