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Hey guys! Newbie in bodybuilding here.

Even though I have been playing basketball and other sports since i was a kid, I have been to the gym only twice. I used to think that if I gain muscle mass, i will lose a lot of speed, quickness, and explosiveness which I need especially in basketball. Few months ago, I started doing body weight workouts at home. I gained mass, but I noticed increase in strength and improvement in my performance. Then, I started downloading fitness magazines to search for routines with dumbbells, which I can do at home. After almost 2 months, I noticed improvement in my body, particularly my abs. But I'm still not satisfied because my lower abdominal area is still flabby and I wanna gain a little more muscle mass and power but still maintain my speed.

After reading few threads, I learned many things already. However, my knowledge is still not enough. It seems that you guys are very helpful and you know a lot of stuff, so I'm hoping that you could guide and help me to reach my goal.

I have few newbie questions:
1. Do I have to drink protein shakes?
2. What workout routine should i do to reach my goals?


  • nrg500nrg500 Posts: 1,233B-Class
    Welcome to PBB

    No, protein shakes are not mandatory. Don't treat supplements as the key to building more muscle. Your physique improvements depend heavily on your training, nutrition, recovery, and sleep quality

    For a workout routine, try Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Check the training section of the forum for other workout routines
  • spashspash Posts: 3
    Thanks! I'll google that.
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102

    1. No, if you are eating the right amount of protein for your body.
    But, if you are a busy man, and cannot cook or prepare your own food, having a whey protein with you right after your workout (or in anytime of the day) would be a convenient way to help you fill up your protein needs.
    2. Bill Starr 5x5, Reg Park 5x5, Starting Strenght, 5/3/1 share almost the same concept and could help you with your goals.
  • StannisStannis Posts: 1,377B-Class
    Di naman apektado ng muscle mass ang speed, tingnan mo si Lebron at Usain Bolt.
  • spashspash Posts: 3
    Actually target ko yung body na mala lebron.lol. Anyway, i read some threads about supplements. I think i need it. I'm still in post graduate school kaya wala ako time magprepare ng food, and i consider myself lucky whenever I get more than 4 hours of sleep. I noticed na kapag sobra napupuyat ako buong week namamayat ako at parang nagaatrophy muscles ko.
    Which whey protein should i take? Di ko kasi alam yung difference ng ibat ibang brand. Btw, limited lang din budget ko. I've read that PM7 is the most affordable. Ok ba PM7 sa needs ko?
  • BorexxxBorexxx Posts: 167C-Class
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