Why hitting a plateau is good for you

sa mga nagkakaron ng ganitong experience like me lalo na sa bench at OHP
good read po. tungkol ito sa 5x5 stronglifts pero no specifically stronglifts lang, kasi iba na din po ang routine ko ngayon..

Almost everyone will plateau on the Overhead Press first, then on
Bench and then Squats.
Sometimes the exercise on which you fail reps first is different,
but what's sure is that you'll hit a plateau sooner or later on
StrongLifts 5x5.
That's just inevitable.
I mean, you can't expect to add weight every workout forever,
that would be too easy.
And yet it’s common to assume this how things are supposed to be.
Like you might expect to NEVER hit a plateau but add 5lb on the
bar every single workout – forever.
And guess what? If you assume to increase the weight forever,
it’s no surprise that the first time you miss reps on the Overhead
Press or Squat, you'll think something is wrong.
Wrong with you, your genetics, the training program – whatever.
Heck, you might get so frustrated by that plateau that you can
find yourself losing motivation and feeling like tossing a plate
of 25lb in the mirror to never step foot into a gym again.
(frankly, I've felt like that a couple of times lol...)
Anyway, here’s the truth - hitting a plateau is NOT bad.
Quite the opposite, it’s actually a GOOD thing.
It means you've entered "no-more-beginner"-land.
You've gained raw strength and lean muscle.
You're becoming an intermediate lifter.
And so it's normal that you can't add weight each workout the
way you did so far.
You have become too strong and muscular for that at this point.
What should you then?
Well the biggest key to overcoming a plateau is simply to keep
working THROUGH it.
Here's why: each plateau is always, ALWAYS going to be followed
by a MAJOR breakthough that gets you to the next level.
But you'll NEVER achieve that breakthrough if you give up, which
is what most guys are doing.
You have to stay motivated to work through that plateau EVEN if
you feel like you're not making ANY progress at all.
Of course, that's easier said than done...
Because it's really hard to stay on track... at least, if you're
training all ALONE.
On the other hand, it's much easier to stay motivated when you're
surrounded by guys who have hit plateaus just like you have...
Guys who are there to remind you EVERY SINGLE DAY that there's
nothing wrong with hitting plateaus, they're part of the game...



  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    yep there's nothing wrong with it.. I stopped SL5x5 because all of my lifts stalled and it feels like im hitting a wall na hindi na ko ang increase, then that's the time i switched to newer and eto RPT gives me some increase due to reserve and minimalistic approach. Tho, hindi nagdedeload ang RPT like the the above where as to break the plateau
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