I want that six pack

Good day Pinoy bodybuilding! I've been going to the gym in and out for a couple of months now. Recently a friend of mine suggested that I do StrongLifts 5x5 and I did. Haven't gotten monster stats with my lifts but I want to switch now to bodybuilding workouts and start on my diet. I was just eating anything that time cause I wanted to gain some weight. Started at 155 lbs and now I'm at 170 lbs but most of it is fat. Hoping to learn much from this forum! Thanks! Really need to get that six pack abs! :angry:


  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    hello welcome and my piece of advise is read a lot on this forum such as member journals our journey from being a d*ck to current, articles, etc.

    BTW, abs won't happen in the gym, you should incorporate your nutrition + gym.. Abs are made in the kitchen.
  • ArchitectArchitect Posts: 2
    Thanks for the warm welcome Jettie! True that there's this quote that I read somewhere saying:

    You can never out train your diet

    Or something like that. Starting to eat lean meat and brown rice but I'm still getting used to it.
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