Hello. Buhat buhat lang. 4 months ng nag bubuhat.


  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,552A-Class
    welcome bro,
    location mo 150?
    gawa kana ng jounal mo...
  • dark48dark48 Posts: 42
    thank you
  • welcome parekoy! gawa kna ng journal mo.

    Happy bulking!
  • dark48dark48 Posts: 42
    Yes pre, salamat, ito basa basa muna.
  • mufstermufster Posts: 132
    welcome sir!
  • noelnoel Posts: 304
    welcome to pbb...

    its a good thing that you've joined the site, while bago ka pa sa pagbubuhat...
    that way, the masters here can still guide you to the right direction....
  • dark48dark48 Posts: 42
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