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Hi im new can call me new to bodybuilding..ive been working out for about 5 months a skinny fat person...and i blamed this on food i ate im working hard to achieve my have a "decent" looking skinny (not as skinny as before) but i have a tummy...i really want to get bigger and get some abs..actually, im confused right now on what step i should take first (to get bigger or to lose some body fat first), im currently cutting and clean eating just to lower my body fat (currently im 17-18% bodyfat) my tummy is really big.....but i still continue my weightlifting (cause i dont wanna lose those muscles ive worked hard for) .if anyone here would like to suggest supplements or workout routine, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

right now, my supplements have ran out already.
from this forum, ive learned about those supplements at CnC and im so glad to see those lower prices. now, im planning to buy these supplements:
1. ON GS (protein source)
2. CLA (to lower BF)
3. Mass Gainer (still hesitant with this one since im currently "cutting" and thinking ON would suffice)

hoping for your replies. thanks. brah!


  • xtend1220xtend1220 Posts: 121
    Welcome po ^_^
  • jopetotjopetot Posts: 183
    hello newbie bry =)

    eat. lift. rest. repeat =)
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Welcome sir ! :)
  • mufstermufster Posts: 132
    Welcome Sir :)

    Anu po weight nyo ngayon? and anu po current lifts and routine nyo? AFAIK and experienced, as the body fat goes lower the tummy or tiyan natin liliit din.
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    welcome bro!
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    salamat sa pag welcome
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