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A must try for those who want NO stimulants while trying to gain muscle mass, this is easy on the stomach, no side effects at all, maximum of 4 scoops, depending on your weight, personaly i weigh 145 pounds so i take 2 scoops, plus the good thing about this supplement is that its "intra" meaning "within" so you actually take sips during your weight lifting or during your cardio. this is one of the newest and best bcaa supplement out there this year. also awarded as the best intra supplement on 2012. this also has no caffeine in it so the energy comes from the B6 and electrolytes in it. no after effects at all. it also comes with different flavors, raspberry blue, green apple, grape, watermelon, orange, pink lemonade and lemon lime. personally i like raspberry, it taste nothing like those other supplements with the medicine after taste. this taste like gatorade to me. so if you want to try something that will casue you no bad side effects, then this product is a good choice to pick. [/size][/font]


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    Thanks for the review. But what do you mean by this?

    "A must try for those who want NO stimulants while trying to gain muscle mass,"
  • "A must try for those who want NO stimulants while trying to gain muscle mass,"

    I mean lots of bodybuilders love to take stimulants so they can keep on pumping. caffeine, dmaa and other substances. well actualy dmaa is a banned substance now in some contries, i think usa is included, because of the dmaa in the product called "jack3d" its a pre workout supplement that killed a few people by giving them heart attacks. caffeine is actualy a good stimulant if you dont have to wake up early the next morning, and if your tolerance is low to minimal. xtend intra is good for those people who are let say stimulant sensitive, because this doesnt contain any stimulants, only vitamin b6 and electrolytes to keep you pumping without any sores the next day. not like other products with stimulants that give you the "cocaine effect" basically palpitations, jitters, nervousness, tremblings, the shakes, and other negative side effects. for at least an hour or so and then later on during the day you feel sick to your stomach. thats what i meant bro hehe.
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    I've read lots of great reviews about this. Will definitely try this soon. :) Thanks!
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