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I've doing some on/off gym activity way back 2006. Just hitting the gym after work, staying there for 2 hours and just trying out those machines and gym equipment with no program at all.

2010, bought my self a bench that can be inclined and a pair of dumb bells and 4 disks? which are about 5 LBS each. Been doing inclined dumb bell press on/off after work as well until 2011.

This time, i enrolled myself again in a gym and after reading a lot in this site and on other sites as well, i'm now ready to do some serious bodybuilding. :angry:

for body pics, i'll post it later.

Ectomorph / 5'4" @ 56 KG / 123 LBS


  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Welcome sir..ok sa stacks ha..gudluck on your goal and sana magtuloytuloy k n tlaga :)
  • gidiyapgidiyap Posts: 8
    as per

    copy paste ko nalang.

    Your Body Mass Index (BMI) : 21.1
    Your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) is: 1973
    Your Daily Target Caloric Intake is: 2473
    Weight goal you entered: Gain 1 pound per week.

    Tomorrow, i'll be hitting the gym ulit since this week nasa house lang ako doing squats and dumb bell bench press.

    my current meal plan and daily activity na rin since night shift ako sa work.

    meal 1: from office
    4 scrambled eggs
    2 scoops instants oats (scooper ng ON whey)
    1 bear brand sachet

    -->Tulog mode:

    pag kagising: Pre WO supps: NO explode

    Gym 1-2 hours:
    i'll post my planned program later.

    Pre WO supps:
    1 scoop ON whey
    4 scoops instant oats (scooper ng ON)
    1 sachet bear brand
    2 tbps peanut butter (from super market)
    5 g ON creatine

    meal 2: after 1hour
    6 eggs scrambled
    4 banana (saba)

    -->Tulog or idlip mode:

    meal 3: at the office
    1 cup rice
    1 quarter chicken

    -->Sunday: Cheat day!

    comments and negative reactions regarding my meal plan is OK of course. :) :) :)

    thanks mga bossing!sir kopi. ung stack ko na ON whey + ON creatine e dito ko lang din nakita. medyo matagal na po akong lurker dito kasi. hehe..

    ung animal products, 2011 ung huling gamit ko naman po. ung NO explode, medyo ok naman po ung effect sa katawan ko during work out kaya pinasok ko po ulit ngaun.

    so far, di pa naman lumaki katawan ko, sobrang nipis. kaya nag post na ko dito para makahingi ng tulong sa forum natin.

    salamat po sa pag welcome! :D
  • redred Posts: 753
    Good luck sa goal bro! and hopefully maging consistent and dedicated nadin.

    Bilib lang ako sayo 10 eggs a day? hehe case ko pag mga 5 or 6 nun, parang sinusumpa ko na yung huling 2 itlog. haha

    anyway, welcome din pala sa community!
  • gidiyapgidiyap Posts: 8
    sir red... salamat sa pag welcome... yun na po kasi ung para sakin na mabilis na maprepare... hehehe...
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Post ka ng recent pics para macheck ng mga masters kung ano nga ang kulang :^^
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    welcome brah!
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,547A-Class
    welcome sir!
  • DregPittDregPitt Posts: 987
  • jcumali008jcumali008 Posts: 1,090C-Class
    welcome sir..
  • gidiyapgidiyap Posts: 8
    last friday. testing lang dun sa 5x5. hehe.

    50lbs 5x5 - inclined barbell bench press
    90lbs 5x5 - lever seated calf
    50lbs 5x5 - deadlift (mali pa ata ung form ko)
    50lbs 5x5 - squat (so far tama naman ung form)

    pag dating ng sunday, sakit ng calf ko.

    tanong lang mga sir, pag 5x5, talaga po bang after 5reps, rest muna po diba? so un ung set 1..
    tapos 5reps ulit, rest, then un ung set 2..

    nakakailang kasi ung mga tumitingin, kala nila matatapos na ko dun sa inclined barbel bench press e every 5reps, nahinto ako. natatagalan ata sila sa akin e sinusunod ko naman po ung 5x5. hehe tama naman po ba ung ginagawa ko?

    kanina, nag gym ako, di muna ako nag 5x5.

    tig 25lbs na dumb bell, inclined dumb bell press, 20reps, 3 sets
    90lbs, inclined leg press, 30reps, 3sets

    tapos after nyan inulit ko lang ulit ung 1st exercise, tapos ung 2nd.

    feedbacks po are welcome. :)
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Anong 5x5 yan bakit hindi barbell bench press ang ginagawa mo?
  • gidiyapgidiyap Posts: 8
    ayan sir tama na. barbell bench press po
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