Planning to open a gym. (suggestions please?)

Hi guys. My family is planning to open up a gym. I would like to ask your help regarding equipment, location, and other concerns that may arise in the planning process. :) your suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks guys!


  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Check on ensayo gym equipments..swabe ung mga andun..kung budget nmn sa raon mdaming gamit :)
  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    @xbrain try mo PM mighty and milk, I'm not sure kung anu na arrangement nila ni alex regarding OG eh i think alex is planning to sell/transfer over the equips anyhow PM mo na lang si sir mighty.

    Kay sir milks alam ko may alam sya na marunong magfabricate ng machines so PM mo na din sya if ever. :)
  • san location ng gym if ever?: tambayan ng pbb lolz!
  • 54m0n654m0n6 Posts: 230
    tga san ka OP?
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    ensayo equips na mike para solb!!!!
  • monching11 wrote:
    ensayo equips na mike para solb!!!!

    uu gondo
  • @sir ds nakausap ko na si sir mighty. Magcheck pa ako ibang equipment.

    @sir mon dito v mapa manila.

    @sir monch and kopi dadalaw muna ako sa ensayo. Hehe. Wala pa akong idea sa price eh. May nakita rin ako maganda. Finix equipment. Check ko pa kung alin mas maganda. Hehe.
  • ok din ang progym bro... check mo nlng... ok talga ensayo fitness... ok din ang price! ehehe...
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    If sa ensayo ka kukuha Bro na medyo complete na eh more than 500k at least kung sa Finix, Milyon ang aabutin since puro imported dun.
  • Hahahah! Milyon pala yun. Kaya pala nung napadaan ako sa pure performance pasig ang ganda. Puro finix gamit nila. Thanks sa inputs mga sir!
  • milksworthmilksworth Posts: 3,138
    nakita mo naman mascu diba? nag start yung may ari nun with 1m for the equips hindi lang kasama yung mga cardio exuips doon since maha talaga ang treadmill. kulang kulang nang 2m ngayun lahat ng nailabas doon sa gym na yun as of now. puro ensayo ang gamit nila. you can add them on face book and then ask them to send you their price list for equips. pwede ka din magpa quote sa kanila kung alam mo na talaga ang lahat ng bibilhin mo. good luck sa inyong business venture!
  • Medyo matagal tagal pa naman to sir. Pagiisipan pang mabuti. Salamat sa mga suggestions and tulong nyo atleast nagkaka idea ako para masabi ko rin sa kanila yung mga gastusin para maplano na yung budget. Thank you very much guys!
  • hanap kapa ng iba bro... masakit talaga sa bulsa yan. lalo na pag magandang gamit tlaga rin ang gusto... ang mhalaga nmn jan e ok gamitin e.. khit di high end ang gamit... dami kapa pati dapat isipin jan... concept ng gym,WO tactics nyo. place ng gym mo. etc... goodluck bro! :sport:
  • XbrainXgainXbrainXgain Posts: 818
    Guys have you come across a space/lot for sale na 200sqm? It would be much appreciated if you can help me out with it. Thanks!
  • luchi_bieluchi_bie Posts: 238C-Class
    Sir TS, pahingi ako update regarding the plan mo?
  • ReneRene Posts: 213C-Class
    Just my opinion as far as what I've observe regarding gyms here sa Pinas. Location is a big factor, especially considering if the area will support a gym business. From what I observed. Going to a gym could be an expense out of budget. I've have seen people come and go in my gym due to cost. Considering the cost of 60 pesos per session. This could be low or too high for the area. That being said. You have to look at wheter the area will support the fees you plan to charge. Next is Parking. If your equipment is modern, and charge accordingly,,,,but don't have parking, especially in Manila. That could send your clients somewhere else. So I would suggest doing a feasibility study. Go around to different gyms and talked to the managers/OICs regarding what works and what doesn't. Best regards cheers
  • elgin12345elgin12345 Posts: 13
    Hi mga sir, planning din ako mg business pero small gym lang. Bahay lang din, pashare po ung about sa business permit walang wala ako idea. Thanks po
  • loisborro1loisborro1 Posts: 138
    this is sort of an advice (customer) i would rather use power rack (cage) than using smith machine. and smith machine is way more expensive than power racks. :sport:
  • rtravino29rtravino29 Posts: 1,549
    use power rack (cage) than using smith machine.
    +1 !
  • jmpilongojmpilongo Posts: 208C-Class
    gym essentials aside sa free weights and other equipment:
    Sound system
    Water Dispenser
    Waiting Area (for waiting gf/wives and non-lifters)
    Paper towel dispenser and alcohol spray (for punas equipment/bench)
    bathroom scales/weighing scale
    last but not the least, mirrors.

    shower area
    gym t-shirt/face towel as membership freebies
    treadmill (more cardio equip more female costumers)

    also, the bigger or the more fancy your gym is, the more you would wanna hire a couple of personal trainers. "some" rich folks tend to prefer fancy looking gyms in hopes of getting assistance from a PT.
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