Hello, everyone


hello, everyone

Jason lee from south korea, good to meet you all.

had great information with many forums, i decided to join

since i am looking for a legit gym in Taguig area.

i'm currently living in Seoul, going to get a house in the fort in this coming march.(since my

college is in Mckinley hill.)

and i just found out that FF in the global city is way too expensive.

i heard about ACCENTURE GYM in Mckinley hill, but i'm afraid i have

no information on anything about that gym.

anyway, once i find the right gym, im settle to squat, deadlift and bench

hard as i can !

thank you


  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    Annyeonghaseyo! Hahaha.. Welcome to the site

    There are lots of gyms in taguig some are kind of "shabby" though. there are some decent ones though "not too far" in taguig though it will require you to travel a bit. Come join us one of these days in one of our group workouts once you get here in the philippines :)

    Will you be studying in the philippines?
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    Welcome bro!

    Nice dodo.

    Gawa ka na journal! Goodluck.
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    Welcome Bro!

    DS is near Taguig so I'm pretty sure he can give you a quick tour (hehe) once you arrive here in the Philippines.

    Oh by the way bring us some kimchi when you arrive :smile:
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,544A-Class
    welcome sircheers
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