6xercise burns a paltry 20 calories per session

f you consider sex the same as a good workout, think again. You're (sadly) only burning on average 21 calories, researchers claim.

David Allison, a biostatistician at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, tested the "sexercise" theory -- that sex can be exercise -- but found that sex lasted only six minutes on average, burning a paltry 20 or so calories. Despite the many times you've likely heard that sex burns between 100 and 300 calories, that's based on an old, small study, the researchers say.

The findings, published online Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, claim that false assumptions like this are part of the reason for the obesity epidemic.

Other misconceptions include the concept that eating a little less and exercising a little more, over the long term, won't produce large, long-term weight changes. Recent data, the authors say, shows that people lose much less weight when they burn it over a longer period of time.

Also while some believe that skipping breakfast can cause weight gain, the research team found that that depended on whether or not people were used to skipping breakfast.

-yahoo news http://ph.she.yahoo.com/sexercise-burns-paltry-20-calories-per-session-105000327.html


  • StannisStannis Posts: 1,377B-Class
    Naku, mahirap asahan ang yahoo articles. Gaya nito:
    The surprising secret is that doing lots of ab specific exercises will only help you tone that area on a short-term basis, if at all.
    Slowing down the pace you eat meals at will help you to achieve a flatter stomach because you will eat smaller portions.

  • noelnoel Posts: 304
    read that one too....

    here's my take on most Yahoo articles....i just read them for entertainment purposes...he he he
  • madali lang naman yan mapatunayan,bili ka ng calorie counter ba yun? tapos gamitin mo during session hehehe gusto ko sana itry kung totoo kaso wala ako calorie counter haha
  • bardagulbardagul Posts: 658

    "Sexual activity burns approximately 21 calories."

    sexual activity for 6 mins = 21 calories

    sexual activity for 6 mins with 30 mins interval each for a period of 4 hours = 168 calories ???

    eh kung paglaruan natin variables nila.

    sexual activity with very hot bebot using kamasutra positions = 500 calories :)

    sexual activity with very hot bebot while door is being pounded on by wife = 5000 calories! hehehe! :biggrin:

    while i applaud such papers, and research. medyo madami pa dapat factors for these results.. not only to the 6xercise thing.. ;)

    nice read tho.. thanks DV!
  • yun nga din nasa isip ko hehehe
  • DregPittDregPitt Posts: 987
    Haha.. Ayos pala yan. Bka kasi missionary position lang yun gnagawa nila kaya 21 cals lng.. :D
  • lol or baka quickie lang..tapos pakiramdam gutom na gutom at pagod,kakain ng marami dahil na burn naman daw pero yun..obess..lol
  • allen101allen101 Posts: 5,102
    "sexual activity with very hot bebot while door is being pounded on by wife = 5000 calories! hehehe! "

    The best ito sir bards wahahahahaha
  • noelnoel Posts: 304
    "sexual activity with very hot bebot while door is being pounded on by wife who happens to be a black belter" = ???? calories! hehehe! "
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