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Hi, newbie here from QC. While browsing some body building pages, I stumbled on this. I`m a badminton school athlete for 3 years, and hopefully will graduate in a few months. So I decided to do body building instead of playing badminton since I get really skinny on that sport. I have been lifting on and off for a few months now. From December 2012, 135 lbs to 150 lbs now. I`m eager to learn new techniques in this forum. Kudos Pinoy!Btw, I`m an Ectomorph. Obviously a hard gainer.


  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Nobody is a hard gainer on the proper nutrition and training sir..welcome to the community :^^
  • mimaxmimax Posts: 39
    Thanks Sir. I`ll keep that in mind. :)
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Hehe no prob bro :^^
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,544A-Class
    welcome bro...tuloy tuloy muna ang buhat:sport:
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    welcome sir!

    Enjoy lifting
  • mimaxmimax Posts: 39
    Anyone here lives in Fairview Dahlia?
  • ReneRene Posts: 213C-Class
    welcome To PBB
    Dami helpful info dito sa PBB, browse ka lang sa Menu. Goodluckcheers
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