Skinny fat

Hi. newbie lang ako. Hehe. Ako yung tipong sedentary lifestyle at PE lang nung college ang exercise, at 0% knowledge. hehe. I would also like to take time to ask several questions here! :)

1. Kakastart ko alng two days ago, I was asked to do squats, push ups by my trainer. Now ang problem ko ang sakit ng katawan ko. Ng buong braso ko, ng hamstrings at nung muscle sa ilalim ng kili kili. Normal lang ba to? Sakit talaga, tipong limited ang range of motion ko. Hehehe.

2. I am at 170lbs and approximately 25% body fat. Ano ang aking caloric requirement kung gusto kong mawala ang tyan kong malaki at mag build ng muscles? Thank you :)

3. Regarding diet, I don't have time to prepare my own food. May mai susuggest ba kayo ng readily available na food sa supermarket? Yung di na gano niluluto? Like canned foods? Peanut butter? Certain type of fruits, etc? How about fastfood, mang inasal na breast or KFC fried chicken breast part?

thank you!


  • 19PreDaTor6819PreDaTor68 Posts: 777C-Class
    welcome gawa kna ng journal mo make it complete as possible.
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    welcome, kindly make your own journal and repost your questions there :)
  • Sa food advice ko lang is sa halip na you buy fastfoods or those of KFC or Inasal, just use your cash to buy Chicken Breast sa mga groceries then when you get home lets say after workout, ask your maid to cook it or yourself. Mas tipid ka dito swear.
  • monching11 wrote:
    welcome, kindly make your own journal and repost your questions there :)


    -hunklet :sport:
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