Volume vs. Frequency

Which is optimal or depends on your goal etc etc...calling "masters"
High frequency
Low volume


Low frequency
High volume

Matagal tagal na din tong bumabagabag sa isip ko e ehehe.. ako kc more on frequency type tlga ang training ko..feeling ko kc pag High volume parang bitin ako kc ang konti ng exercises pero yung volume nakaka loka like 5x5 although pag sa compounds like deadlifts,bench and Mp press sa volume ako nka focus. which is which??? or should I say pag High volume more on strenght building and kung High frequency is more on hyperthropy tama ba ako mga masters???TIA :P


  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    Hmmmm i could be wrong ha but if irecall right 5x5 is a mid frequency and low volume type of program template. An example of high frequency type of program are the "smolov" program, high volume program example is GVT.

    about sa question mo anu ba ang priority mo? strength ba or physique?

    kung strength obviously you'll need to focus on low volume and training within 70-90% of your maxes. Pag nag stall ka dun you may also opt to use the high frequency low volume approach (like the smolov program). Another option is doing the westside/wendler approach by having both high volume (Dynamic effort) and Low volume (Max effort) on separate days within the week.

    Kung physique naman usually nakafocus sya from mid-rep range to high volume, pero to be able to maximize yung pump and growth eh you need to be able to establish a "strength base" in order to lift heavy ass weights (well not as heavy when you're doing strength training) since growth is being triggered by putting heavy tension to your body. in w/c we go back to strength training first before physique training. :)
  • 19PreDaTor6819PreDaTor68 Posts: 777C-Class
    ^ayt salamat sir.. mali pala yung example ko sa 5x5 sabagay 5 sets of 5 reps mid frequency nga .sa strength muna tlaga ang priority ko.. although nag mi mini cut tlga ako pang summer lng gustu kuna mag start ng 5x5 e kaso na hohold back ako kc cutting ako e.. parang mas optimal mag 5x5 kung bulking?? correct me if im wrong nlng po.
  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class
    ang pagakaalam ko kasi when you say "frequency" it's a matter of "how often" you train a certain body part so in short multiple times in one week like smolov nga. then Volume of course is on the higher rep ranges (8-15 reps).

    ok din ang 5x5 kahit cutting though mahihirapan ka mag increment kung magka cutdown ka masyado sa pagkain. Or another option mo din is mag wendler 5/3/1 ka while on cut though you'll have to do a bit of math hehehe.
  • 19PreDaTor6819PreDaTor68 Posts: 777C-Class
    Imba nmn baliktad ako ng pananaw sa frequency at volume kya nmn pala na tatanga ako salamat buti nlng nag tanung ako kundi mananatili akong tungaw haha salamat boss.. inaantay ko lng mag march 9 may swimming kc ahaha after nun yun na bulk mode na ulit.. excited na ako mag 5x5 wiiihh!!
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