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hi guys, i wish to monitor my development while lifting weights..549836.png

here i am. before lifting weights, 3 months ago


  • catlives1989catlives1989 Posts: 25E-Class


    shot earlier today,,,i take 2 tabs of amino 222 and 3 tabs of creatine..before workout..

    i mostly do tricep and chest now, pretty much upper body workout because my arms look very thin and doesnt seem to be proportional with my legs.. so i will concentrate on it for now.. my legs dont look fat but rather muscular so i can leave it for now..
  • 19PreDaTor6819PreDaTor68 Posts: 777C-Class
    nice progress good job.. post mu din sana yung w.o mo sr pati mga lifting stats etc etc.. welcome to pbb
  • dimzon03dimzon03 Posts: 1,547A-Class
    welcome bro...
  • kulafu25kulafu25 Posts: 292C-Class
    welcome bro! naway magtagumpay ka sa iyong goal
  • catlives1989catlives1989 Posts: 25E-Class
    thanks mga bro magtulunga na lang tau dito sa forum para lahat tayo makamit ang inaasam ng malusog na pangangatawan... ang weird lang tlga.. after 3 months of lifting weights, same weight pa rin ako, 65kg.. pero ung shoulder at arms ko nagka laman naman.. kahit anong dami ng kain ko ganun..
  • catlives1989catlives1989 Posts: 25E-Class
    switched to working out every other day.. i feel the need to rest my body due to my work.. still cant memorize the workout moves i perform.. sorry.. im doing abs now too.. same weight.. will post pics again.. as an ectomorph which i think is good for me, i dont have a very strict diet but i stay away from fatty foods.. i eat 3 or more times a day..i sometimes do push up during restdays.. just a personal thing.. i sleep as much as i can but have never slept 8hrs during workdays.. i dont feel stressed though.. i dont do drugs.. or smoke.. or drink.. im young..fresh.. charing.. i will probably post pictures and monitor my weight as well.. last time i checked i was 70 kg or 154 lbs.. so i gained weight!
  • JettieJettie Posts: 3,763B-Class
    welcome bro ! :squat:
  • welcome
  • emon02emon02 Posts: 700
  • catlives1989catlives1989 Posts: 25E-Class
    thanks for the warm welcome.. people here are basically my inspiration to go forward.. i think that, if they can achieve such great bodies, why cant someone like me achieve the same? good morning..
  • kopikopi Posts: 690
    Welcome sir !
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