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I just started IF 8/16 2 weeks ago and I am thinking of getting a BCAA or Glutamine supplement. Which do you think is a better for IF?


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  • BCAA ang mas impt kesa sa glutamine,recovery lang naman ang gluthamine, nasa whey na yan kasama na,
  • BCAA. Sa mga nababasa kong articles about intermittent fasting, essential daw yung BCAA para ma-prevent (or lessen) yung muscle catabolism lalo na kung starting ka pa lang sa IF at hindi pa nakakapag-adjust yung katawan mo. Goodluck!
  • BCAA.
  • pwede ba ako mag bcaa kahit hindi naka IF? at pwede ba ihalo sa whey?
  • pwede ba ako mag bcaa kahit hindi naka IF? at pwede ba ihalo sa whey?

    Yep, BCAA naman you can take for pre and post WO regardless of IF.

    I don't mix my BCAA with whey. Try to get the fruit punch or the orange flavor, it tastes way better than the unflavored one. It's creatine that i mix with my whey.

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    BCAA 8:1:1 is my choice,im planning to buy this amiNO xpress by SCITEC at the end of the month for my intra wo supplements,i find it interesting kse parang pre wo na din sya bcoz of lcitrulline,beta alanine,larginine,aakg and betaine.i will never buy C4 again,nasusuka ako after taking it at sa katagalan ay wala ng epekto.waste of money.
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