First time

Hi guys!

I never considered myself athletic, although I watch basketball every now and then and I used to be fascinated with sports stats bilang mahilig ako sa Math. Malaking factor din siguro yung pagiging short and skinny ko kaya naging perception sa kin na sports isn't for me.

Yeah, I'm an ectomorph and I only hit 100 lbs. when I was about to turn 22 years old. For the next 5 years, I struggled to gain more mass. Malakas kumain, pero mabilis din metabolism. Biro nga sa 'kin, baka dahil masyadong natatrabaho utak ko. (I work in the IT industry.)

Anyway, I decided to enroll in a 24/7 gym near my place and I'm glad na I'm finally seeing progress. As I've said, I've never been athletic, pero I'm getting the hang of working out kahit na minsan eh may pitfalls pa rin ako sa form ko. Also my family and friends are seeing na nagkakalaman na ko, kaya nakaka-encourage for me.

I already started it and I don't wanna stop and regress back to being a couch potato. Having joined this community, I hope to learn more from you guys and sana ganun din kayo sa kin. I just wanna improve my performance and physique further and eventually get to explore other opportunities.


  • DregPittDregPitt Posts: 987
    welcome brahh! di ka magsisisi at sumali ka dito. madami matututunan :)
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Welcome bro, it's a good thing that you changed your mindset. Actually you can excel in this field without actually being sporty. With dedication and hardwork you can reach your goals!
  • luchi_bieluchi_bie Posts: 238C-Class
    Welcome bro.

    Regarding sa pagiging hard-gainer mo, me mga thread tungkol dito that will surely help you.
  • 19PreDaTor6819PreDaTor68 Posts: 777C-Class
    welcome sr.
  • ProlevelzProlevelz Posts: 1,162
    Welcome sir... gawa ka ng journal mo... :-)
  • erzo01erzo01 Posts: 15E-Class
    Thanks for the welcome DregPitt, monching11, luchi_bie, 19PreDaTor68 and Prolevelz.

    I actually frequent Body and Fitness forum dun sa PinoyExchange, pero iba pa rin dito kasi focus talaga sa bodybuilding. Also, mas nakaka-relate ako kasi angkop sa katulad kong Pinoy (LOL) ang contents.

    About starting a journal here, sige pag-iisipan ko yan. Hirap akong mag-maintain ng blog and hindi ako ganung ka-confident i-share photos ko. Hehehe!

    In the meantime, basa-basa muna ko.
  • lastresortlastresort Posts: 1,116B-Class
    journal na yan ng maumpisahan na!! welcome bro
  • erzo01erzo01 Posts: 15E-Class
    Thanks lastresort.

    Sige, basahin ko muna yung ibang journals para makakuha ng inspiration. Hehehe!
  • Mighty_OakMighty_Oak Posts: 3,940
    Ayos parang Xerex lang! "First Time" hahaha

    Peace Bro and Welcome!
  • erzo01erzo01 Posts: 15E-Class
    Thanks Mighty_Oak! Ngayon ko lang na-realise yan, hehehe!

    Sa mga nag-request, eto at gumawa na ko ng journal ko:

    Kitakits dun! =)
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Mighty_Oak wrote:
    Ayos parang Xerex lang! "First Time" hahaha

    Peace Bro and Welcome!

    Hahahaha, or!
  • kael02kael02 Posts: 3
    malaking kalaban ng mga first timer/begginer n kagaya ko is yung TAMAD!!!!

    yung parang walang nagyayari kahit ilang beses ka nagwowork out..... :(i dont know what to do and where to start....
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