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[size=medium]Update: November 13, 2013[/size]

I just want to share my progress and reason why I ventured into the amazing world of bodybuilding.

I was a skinny and small kid up to my teens.

At grade school I was always in front of the line. In high school I was second to the first (at least not the first!:D).

When I was in college I grew up a little bit from 5'2 in highschool to 5'6 when I entered my senior year.

But it was back in september 2008 when I started to work that I decided to change my lifestyle.
Coming from a family that has history of hypertension(my father died of it), cancer(my mother had throat but survived) and diabetes I know it's not far for me to catch some of these things but I believe that by making the right moves, i'll be able to slow down or better yet, never get these diseases.

Here's my pic, 5th year college(I'm BS Architecture) drinking sessions:

About 120lbs at the time (Buto't Balat)

A lot of inconsistencies and ill advises lead me thinking that I got great gainzz. But 2010 was the year that I actually made my first real gainz.

Year 2010 - This was the time of my delusional cut. Pic goes from bulk>cut>unnecessary cut(board exam!)-bulk

Year 2011 and 2012 - 1st photo taken in 2011, payat pa din. The rest was taken back in 2012. May mga incosistencies pa din lalo na sa buhat at ung work ko before eh napakalayo sa bahay, madalas eh abutan na sarado ng gym at madaming travel sa nature ng work ko. So cut>Bulk>inactivity

Year 2013 This year di ako nagmadali, tuloy lang ang bulk til june. So bulk bulk everyday lol. Now I'm reviewing my photos laki pala ng difference sa unang bulk ko. This was the only year that I was consistent both in training and nutrition.


5 week difference:

LATEST: 14 week progress

I've read numerous articles from the internet to men's health mags and to books at national's bookstore and powerbooks(which i do not buy:P)
I learned a lot from the 5 years of working out (3 years inconsistent and I believe solid 2 years). Some would work for you. some won't. Some are true, some are shit. The best way to learn is thru experience and be open to suggestions and criticisms.

I was lost before and now I am enlightened. I was confused between strength training and bodybuilding, thanks to the masters that in order to achieve my goal I also need to adjust my training as well (bodybuilding type).

In order to gain you must lose. Lose in the sense that you lose your current look for greater gains and in my case, getting a big belly. I did dirty bulking but put on decent muscle mass as well.


I hope to achieve my goal ala GSP or Jacob black!

That's all. Thank you :D


  • SkkinSkkin Posts: 870
    very nice bro!

    nice read. inspiring to brader lalo na sa payat na gusto mag palaki
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Thanks bro!

    Post mo na rin journal mo I'm sure madami ma-inspire/motivate din sa progress mo :)
  • SkkinSkkin Posts: 870
    sige bro anytime soon post ko yung akin.

    pinaka astig na shot mo para sa kin bro yung naka batman mask ka hehe.
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    Ayos bro. Una ata to sa journal eh.
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    hahaha, thanks tol. dami ko pa ngang naka maskara hindi ko na pinost ung may V for Vendetta pa


    Thanks bro. Bininyagan ko na ung journals, iu-update ko to after month or two pag me abs na ako =)
  • boss_jboss_j Posts: 1,243B-Class
    nice bro laki ng improvement : )

    keep it up

  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    salamat idol!

    nakalimutan ko palang ilagay na ala-JERIELM hahahah
  • chikinitochikinito Posts: 461
    Tagal naman. Every week na po! ^_^
  • haha .. nice bro!

    hehe .. natawa ako sa mga pic kase may maskara! :)

    its very amazing how bodybuilding change your lifestyle!

    oh yeah! tagal mo na ding nag buhat! 2years! kaka inspired! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!
  • exaltedexalted Posts: 64
    Nice bro galing naman! Kaka inspire. Share naman ng routine, work out and diet. Gusto ko din maachieve ang ganyang katawan kahit wala munang 6 pack hehehe. Astig!
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    Thanks bro. Malayo layo pa ko sa goal ko. Baka nga never ending quest to eh hahaha


    Thanks bro!

    Il post later ung buong routine/diet ko. =)
  • zanezane Posts: 963
    ganyan lang masaya na ko! :D
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class

    kayang kaya mo yan bro!

    Sa height mo tol mas mabangis at mas malupit pa ang pwede mong abutin! heheheh!
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Share ko lang updated pic ko:


    Planning to bulk up this coming july-september.

    This time with supplements, last year kasi food lang dirty bulk pa.

    Whey protein (protein supplement)
    Optimen (Multi-vit)
    White Flood (Pre-workout)
    Creatine (Post-workout)
    EFA (Fats)[/u]
  • zanezane Posts: 963
    ^ nice bro! ano ng timbang mo nyan?
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    138 or 140lbs lang ako bro
  • zanezane Posts: 963
    ah. 155-160 siguro pang model na ng hanes yan hahah! tapos may supplements pa, baka walang pang september ma reach mo na bulking target mo! congrats & keep it up bro!
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    150 ako nung sa pic ko sa first page eh, kaso dirty bulk un.

    baka siguro 150lbs na pure muscle oks n un.

    papalo siguro ako ng 155 sa bulking ko ngaun tancha ko

    Thanks bro!
  • jbjjbj Posts: 18
    good luck sa bulking bro!

    pansin ko lng bibihira ang nag papakita ng mukha dito! bakit kya?
    y don't we reveal our identity nang mas maging makatotohanan!?
    what ya think brothers? inumpisahan na ni monch..IMAO nang maiba tau sa ibang sites :D

  • SkkinSkkin Posts: 870
    nice one bro monch

    good luck to you idol
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