Anu ang Soundtrip niyo Habang Workout



  • DSmallDivideDSmallDivide Posts: 4,565B-Class

    addendum sa aking workout playlist:

    Songs mostly of E Nomine and Megaherz :smiley:

  • Epic_JohnEpic_John Posts: 63D-Class

    Sakin Mirror Mirror by M2M

  • TRoll_W_a_HeartTRoll_W_a_Heart Posts: 1,308S-Class
    no music, just bbc and cnn
  • rayskywalker24rayskywalker24 Posts: 10E-Class

    songs of disturbed really works for me...first song is indestructible...the moment i put on the earphones, nawa-warshock na aq...hahahaha

  • t4g4yt4g4y Posts: 1,932S-Class

    Afrojack "rock the house" parang gusto ko mag party nakaka adik hahahaha

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