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  • YatezYatez Posts: 2,745
    First you cant convert fat into muscles, you have to lose fat first then gain muscles along with some fat (cant be helped) or gain muscles first along with some fat then shed off the excess fat you have. :)
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    yun pala ang ibig ko sabihin.. mag lose ng fat and gain muscles thanks sir Yatez for the input..
  • monching11monching11 Posts: 7,273B-Class
    Anong accident yan brah?
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    Car accident sir... napuruhan ako sa face area.. and i already consulted my doctor and his given me a go signal to go back to the gym.. so ito at nagbabalik.
    Here's what i muster after being away for so long.

    bench is 90lbs
    PL is 110lbs
    Squat is 110

    so far yan pa lang ung ginagawa ko last wednesday. Right now i want to focus on lossing those fats so kelangan ko po ng program na pede for me to do that i could add. Thanks in advance!!
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    Here's what i have for today...
    Dip body weight x8 3 sets

    squat 100x8

    BP 100x8

    Incline BP 100x8 3 sets
    Incline dumbbell BP 40x8 - (pano po ba bilang neto mga sirs per hand or yung total weight..) for 3 sets
    dumbbell fly 15x8 - (15lbs per hand) for 3 sets
    dumbbell pullover 20x8 for 3 sets
    dumbbell standing triceps extension 20x8 for 3 sets
    dumbbell standing one arm triceps extension 10x8 for 3 sets

    any suggestions are very much appreciated and are welcome
    thanks again mga sirs!!
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    i have skip yesterday session because of an important meeting so ginawa ko sya ngayon is that okay?
    so here's my stat:

    deadlift: 90x8

    barbell bent over row: 90x8

    wide grip lat pull down: 100x8 3 sets

    barbell curl: 40x8
    70x8 2 sets

    incline dumbbell curl : 60x8
    30x8 2 sets

    alt hammer curl: 40x8 3 sets

    the reason kung bakit iba iba ung bigat kasi pinapakiramdaman ko pa kung until hangang saan kaya ko as for me to asses kung san ko mag start..
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    Here is what i have last saturday.
    oblique crunches 16x3
    leg raise 16x3
    air bike 16x3
    leg raise 12x3
    decline crunch 12x3
    all for 1 minute rests

    shoulders and legs
    Squat 100x8 for 3 sets and 2 min rest
    Lunges 50x8 for 3 sets and 1 min rest
    Leg extensions 80x8, 120x8 and 150x8 1 min rest -
    Leg press 180x8 for 3 sets and 1 min rest
    Shoulder press 50x8 3 sets and 1 min rest
    dumbbell shoulder press 50x8 for 3 sets and 1 min rest
    Dumbbell lateral raise 20x8 for 3 sets 1 min rest
    Dumbbell shrug 90x8 for 3 sets 1 min rest
  • Masala MakerMasala Maker Posts: 476B-Class
    Ano yung PL bro? Curious ako.
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    DeadLift pala un sir..
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    After 1 year of haitus ako ay nag babalik..
    I started last January this year my routine are mostly chest and shoulder exercises for 3 months. I was not able to log it in a journal kaya di ko rin ma explain ng maayos. My diet includes everything but mostly less fats lang talaga ako meaning more on carbs, veggies and meat. As of now I don't take any supplements but planning to once na may budget and I also want to see if kung hangang san kaya ko buhatin with out taking any supps.

    Right now I'm doing 5x5 exercises and this is what I got so far.

    set 1 - 130lbs
    set 2 -140 lbs
    set 3 - 140lbs
    set 4 and 5 - 150lbs

    1 and 2 - 120 lbs
    3 - 130 lbs
    4 and 5 - 140 lbs

    Barbell Row
    110 lbs - all 5 sets

    Dips is body weight which is 180 lbs 3 sets of 10.

    Squat - same as above

    Standing Military Press - 90lbs all sets of 5

    1 - 100lbs
    2 - 140lbs
    3 to 5 150lbs

    I need you inputs if Im doing it right - Thank you mga master Ill post some of my pics later. thanks again
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    Went to the Gym today

    Squat 5x5
    1 150lbs
    2 - 5 160lbs

    standing military press 5x5
    1 - 4 90lbs
    5 95lbs

    Deadlift 5x5
    1- 5 150lbs

    pull ups
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    From yesterday's session

    Squat 5x5
    1 150
    2 - 4 160
    5 165

    Military Press 5x5
    1 - 4 90lbs
    5 95lbs

    DL 5x5
    1 - 5 150lbs

    dips 10x3

    rest time is 2 to 3 minutes
  • TrumpTrump Posts: 60D-Class
    got a 4 days rest from jun 19 to 22
    trained last 23 and parang nanghihina ako is it normal?

    bumaba ung squat ko from 160lbs nahirapan ako so balik ako ng 140lbs
    squat 5x5 140lbs

    military press 5x5 90lbs

    DL 5x5 140lbs

    jun 25

    squat 5x5 140lbs

    BP 5x5
    set 1 - 2 130lbs
    set 3 - 4 135lbs
    last set 140lbs

    Barbell Row 5x5 130lbs

    chest dip 10x3 body weight

    jun 27


    set 1 - 4 140lbs
    last set 150lbs

    MP 5x5 90lbs

    DL 5x5 130lbs
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