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  • Bulking Problem

    I just rely on myfitnesspal and log in all my food there. Every gram of any food has different macro breakdown.

    For instance, one serving of rice, which is 45g (or 1/4 cup) of bigas (uncooked white rice) is equal to 36g carbs when cooked. Remember that white rice needs to be cooked with water and depending on how much you add varies on how much grams you get afterward. I usually weigh out the dry rice, cook it then re-weigh it so I will know how much is the conversion. If you are lazy, typically it's x2. So 90g of cooked white rice = 36g carbs.

    For chicken, say if it is 99% fat free, it should be 4oz = 44g protein.

  • 3 in 1 coffee

    @j0hn_reden said:
    Noob question mga sir,ano mangyayari pag madami ba intakke ng sugar? Pag madami uminon ng 3 in 1 na kape

    Then that should add in to your daily carbs intake.

  • 3 in 1 coffee

    Black coffee + splenda

  • No Excuses - Slow Progress

    yung peanut butter na imbento daw yan para sa may mga sakit at Nsa hospital para mabilis or wala masyado muscle loss kasi nga di mkakain ng ma ayos at maka digest ng solid
  • No Excuses - Slow Progress

    xanxus wrote: »
    Sa 2 months mahigit na pag babasa ko ng mga journals dito at pakikinig sa mga nag papayo..
    kahit 30mins to 1hr lang yung workout ko sa isang araw.. minsan sa bahay lang.. pero may progress parin :)

    From December to February

    xanxus wrote: »
    Mga sirs ok lang kaya yun dapat rest day ko pero ginagawa kong workout day? kasi 5x a week ako nag woworkout.. 30mins to 1hr pag weekdays tapos 1-2hrs pag weekend.. then 2 days na rest.. kaso parang pag nag rerest day ako, naguiguilty ako na di ako nag bubuhat eh, feeling ko ok naman pakiramdam ko kaya nag bubuhat ako kahit sa bahay lang.. so parang nawawalan ako ng rest day..


    Your body has two nervous system - a sympathetic and parasympathetic system. You activate the sympathetic system for catabolism while parasympathetic system for anabolism. The only way for you to grow is through anabolic pathway. Remember, everyday your body is put on a stress mode and the more you add in to that, the more activation on sympathetic. This means - stress at work, traffic, deadlines, and even merely EATING and BREATHING is part of a stress on your body. Then now you are supposed to be resting your body to promote recovery and growth, you pushed more stress on the body activating your SNS further, and guess what happen - catabolism. Your body tears down more muscle, which are already torn down, then when you are supposed to work out, it's already torn down and further going to get damaged without giving a rest or time to grow and recover. Over time, this will lead to fatigue and chronic inflammation.
  • 5'5 - 70KG Guy - Ok ba Promatrix Mass Gainer?

    Your food intake is irregular.

    Your sleep pattern is irregular.

    And now you want to introduce a bigger variable - mass gainer for muscle growth?

    I can guarantee you, your money will go to waste. Fix your food intake. Fix your sleeping pattern. Optimize your recovery. Create a healthy routine. THEN, let's talk about supplementing your program.

    It's like saying, oh hey, let's buy big fancy TV but we don't have electricity and lock for our house.

  • Xerophytes Journey

    delalvarez wrote: »
    Here in Korea its a bit expensive. they only offer 1X1 training which costs around 2700 per session and you need to buy 20 session to avail his services, not to mention we have some language barrier. hehe!

    anyway, let's see what can I do with what I have.

    btw, do you have a cheat day during your training?
    or when did you ever have a cheat day? lol

    Thats not what I was looking for anyway. Most of the personal training IMO are not useful at least for me. My bar is always high with that. You can't be my trainer if I look better than you.

    My coach is an IFBB and very knowledgeable. Always learning too.

    Cheat day? He will prescribe me free day or free meals. But not always. However, we acknowledge that there are things that are out of your control and I was long enough with him to know how to regulate.
  • Xerophytes Journey

    delalvarez wrote: »
    Sir Question,

    I saw in your Instagram your remarkable transformation
    - How long did it take you to someone who competes?
    - Do you have a trainer? Or you just started with a group of friends in the gym?

    * How do you set your goals in terms of the competition? Is it also a mind game for you about enforcing discipline to yourself?

    Thank you.

    I have a coach who handles my nutrition and workout plan. I started with him about 3 years ago with the objective of competing.

    Before that I do it in my own. Back then, I dont really look horrible but because I don't know what it takes to get into a competition ready state, I looked for a coach. Also, another reason why I get one is accountability. I need someone who I can check in to, to make sure I am progressing.

    It took me a year to get myself set up to get my body ready for brutal prep. This means, you need to set everything up well - metabolism working fine, and your body can reap all the benefit of either cutting or bulking. Another most important aspect is getting your personal routine pinned down. Erratic schedule aint going to work like random eating out, random party, excessive overtime, frequent unexpected trips. Sleeping pattern needs to be in check too. You need to maximize your recovery. Digestion is another thing. After he have set me everything well, and my situation was conducive for competition, we decided to go for it. First prep took me about 3-4 months to get into a competitive state. I did men's physique. After that, I decided to do another one 3 months later. My first comp was August. Second comp was November. This mean it's half a year of prepping. Because I got myself a good routine, I did not feel as bad as what people were saying. Hunger was not terrible. I did however feel some cravings and all you can do is avoid them.

    Mind games differ from people to people. Some can't really do it. In my case, I'm quite OCD so I stay very much on track.
  • Healthy High calories pinoy food, any help.

    I make my prep for simple and easy.

    All I do is mostly bake (if you have oven), or panfry meat in a non-stick pan. No sauce, no nothing. Very simple.

    Then I usually have tupperware boxes. Most of the time kasi ang prep ko lang talaga is my protein source, so I will cook a bunch of chicken, seafood, beef, pork, etc. Separated, magkakaiba kasi ng macro.

    And then I will have another bunch of tupperware boxes for carbs - mostly white rice lang ako, so this is pretty much just white rice. I will usually cook some potatoes/sweet potatoes too. And mabilis lang siya lutuin, hiwain mo lang siya ng maliliit, then steam it.

    I will also have some vegetables cooked in a separate tupperware box.

    I don't prep fats, since, di naman siya kelangan lutuin.

    From there I will make up my mealplans.

    I will have meals 1 to say, 5.

    Each meal is in its own tupperware. This is where I distribute my carbs, proteins and fats. So for example, I have 50g of carbs, 40g of protein and 10g of fats - I can put in a couple of different meats to make up the 40g of protein, taking note na 10g lang ng fats ang kaya, so usually I under count the fats. Then I add the white rice to make up the 50g of carbs, then finally finishes off with oils or other fat source so it will be 10g.

    I do this for the rest of the day in the tupperware.

    Now, after all these things, I will usually add some condiments. Condiments ko usually is in powder form. Or sometimes, I used chili sauce like Siracha. Or if you are very good, you can make your own sauce, I rarely do this. And add in to every meal para magkalasa. I'll add a bunch of sea salts too in my meal esp for pre workout meal.

    Now the key in here is to EAT everything you prep. That's the only way to go. And the best way is to count your macros. Once you have set up a routine and every meal you prepare you eat, you are guaranteed not to under-eat or over-eat.

  • My Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Natry niyo ba yung InBody equipment na nagme-measure ng body stats?

    Meron kasi one time sa gym, ayun, bagsak ako. Haha!

    Masyado raw akong maraming fats. Sa payat kong ito dami ko pang fats...

    Weight: 148.5 lbs (Normal)
    Skeletal Muscle Mass: 63.9 (Normal)
    Body Fat Mass: 34.8 (Almost normal. 17.4-34.8)
    BMI: 22.6 (Normal)
    Percent Body Fat: 23.5 (above normal which is 10-20) - Dito ako bumagsak.