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    Good day mga boss,

    Old member na ako dito at ngayon lang ulit ako nakabalik. Hindi ko ma retrieve old account ko kahit magforgot password ako. Wala akong narereceive na email kaya gumawa ako bago. Patulong sana maretrieve yun.

    Thank You

  • My Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

    @cheesmack said:
    Haha! Sorry na. Busy eh. Will try to update na para macritique niyo rin.


    don't try, do it! :)


    Year 6, Day 231 (September 5, 2017)

    "Do you know the difference between training and working out? Training is when you have a progressive plan with measurable goals and continual challenges. Working out is anything that makes you sweaty and tired but not necessarily better because it lacks consistency, direction and specificity."

    ยป Nick Tumminelo on Training Versus Working Out, by Alan Stein

  • DV

    Kahit may bagyo buhat pa rin..

  • BADASS in the MAKING

    @cheesmack said:

    @dimzon03 said:

    @TryandTry101 said:
    yung DL video mo pre @dimzon03 ,bago ka mag simula nag pupulong yung mga babae. "ayan na mag bubuhat na sya,dun tayo sa malapit pero hiwahiwalay tayo para di tayo mahalata" hahah

    hahaha nagawan mo pa ng story line sir.
    Nagulat nalang din ako dami daan ng daan sa likod nung pinanood ko na vid hehe.

    Di ko makita kung asan yung vid. Lol.

    eto yata tinutukoy ni nya bro, yung dati ko video.


    @StringBean1998 said:
    Yes paps @dimzon03 taga pasig ka rin?

    sabi na eh! ilang beses narin ako dumadayo dyan...Taga Caloocan ako.
    nung may group WO dati tapos pag dinadayo ko si sir @badass_vinch para magensayo.

    Mukhang kailangan na yata ulit mag set ng GWO!

  • ProMatrix7-My personal experience

    I'm so satisfied with PM7. It tastes good and more importantly, it's inexpensive. You cannot just sit up there and say that it sucks, when you don't have the other important factors in bodybuilding in check. Supplements are just supplements; they should not be your main source of macros. Most of your macros should come from your diet. You should just exert more effort on watching what and how much you eat. Do you even have a food scale? If not, how do you count your calories? Do you have an idea how many calories there are in foods, i.e. chicken breast vs chicken thigh? There's a lot of addition and subtraction involved when you're monitoring your diet. Do you prepare your own food? That's just the diet part. You can work your ass out in the gym and not see results because your diet is way off.

    Also, don't be comfortable at the gym. If you're comfortable, you're probably not building muscles. You have to do uncomfortable workouts and make your body adjust to it until you're comfortable again and then repeat the process. PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. When you spend so much time on your phone while working out, you're not working out right, I believe.


    @bundesheer said:
    Sa Legpress din ay medyo bumaba din ang stat ko, from 310kg x10 ay 270 kg x 8 na lang,:(

    no energy? increase mo fat intake


    @StringBean1998 ay baket? HAHA Angas nga eh

  • My journey of self improvement.

    @TRoll_W_a_Heart said:
    weird bumigat ako...:) around 2lbs, but my waist is an inch smaller...and i didnt change my food intake, GH increase perhaps?

    Leangains yan sir.. hehehe