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  • endomorph transformation. fat to fit journey

    2 months progress sir. need to cut more?

  • What is the best Whey Powder for cutting available locally?

    Hi, I'm a 26-year-old female hoping to cut weight and build lean muscle.

  • which of the 3 body types are you!?

    im ENDOMORPH im struggling gaining muscle without accompanying body fat its true :o :o
    tips for endomorph., never do reps lower than 8 and
    take a lot of protein this will make you gain muscle base on my experience.
    A common recommendation for gaining muscle is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, or 2.2 grams of protein per kg. hope this help you tnx =)

  • BADASS in the MAKING

    t4g4y wrote: »
    hahahaha na lunod na nga ako sa alikabok dito sir dimz!

    Hahaha sorry sorry, medyo busy na para makapag log pero sumisilip silip lang minsan.

    Basta ang importante kahit kahit inaalikabok journal ko basta ako hindi alikabukin at kalawangin sa ensayo.
  • BADASS in the MAKING

    Share lang muna, para mapapag din journal.
  • BADASS in the MAKING

    Updated Pic 63kg
    No filter, No edit, Crop lang :smile:

  • BADASS in the MAKING


    Hi! :biggrin:

    Unang beses ako nakapasok sa gym noong college ako. nagkayayaan mga kaklase kaya sinama ako.
    MWF buhat namin nun at lahat ng equipments dapat magamit ko para effective, yun ang mindset ko dati.
    Hanggang dumating sa week 3 sa gym na ako nalang pala pumupunta sa gym, at dun ko naranasan na pagtawanan kasi nag squat ako sa smith machine pero walang weight tapos hirap na hirap ako...nakikita ko sa salamin na may dalawang lalaki na inaasar ako.
    Ayun hindi nako bumalik mag buhat kasi nahihiya nako, pakiramdam ko nun hindi ka pwede sa gym pag mahina kapa kaya tumigil nako.

    Tapos nung pagka-graduate ko ng college at wala pako nahahanap na trabaho, yung mga tropa ko naman sa basketball court ang mga nagkayayaan ng buhat pag gabi. Bale basketball sa umaga at tanghali tapos gym naman sa gabi. Ganun uli pag napunta kami ng gym, lahat ng machine sa upperbody ginagamit ko walang lower kasi gusto ko lang chest at arms. Tapos yun dumating nanaman sa lahat tinamad na at ako nalng uli nagbubuhat, tumagal din yun ng isang buwan pero walang progress sa lakas, sa itsura konti.
    Tapos tumigil narin ako nung nakahanap nako ng trabaho.

    Nung nakapasok nako sa trabaho, dun ako naging desido na baguhin sarili ko...kaya gumawa ako nun ng DB na semento tapos bumili ako ng pullup bar sa kinakabit sa pinto, tapos push ups, DB squat basta kung anu pwede gawin... tapos yun may nakakapansin na lumalaki daw ako ( pero syempre payat parin talaga ). Dun kona naisipan na bumalik sa gym at yun nahanap ko yung sa Lena gym at kasabay nun nahanap ko tong nung naghahanap ako nga mga dapat gawin sa gym.

    Nilabanan ko talaga hiya ko pagpumapasok sa gym kasi naman ang payat ko talaga nun. Hanggang nasanay nako na walang pakialaman sa loob ng gym, basta mageensayo ako.

    2011 - Skinny

    2012 - Eto yung nagbubuhat nako sa sa gym

    2013 - Payatot parin!

    2014 - Hindi uso ang abs  :biggrin:

    2015 - Medyo lumakas at gumanda narin konti katawan, pero malayo pa sa pagiging BADASS!

  • 10 Different Ways to Do a Bicep Curl

    1. Concentration Curls
      Because it takes a lot of moving parts out of the equation, the concentration curl is one of the best moves to isolate the biceps muscle.

    While sitting on a bench with your feet firmly on the floor, place the back of your left upper arm on the inside of your thigh. Keep your arm on your thigh throughout. Put your right hand on the right knee for stability. Do your curls on the left side, then repeat on the right side.

    1. Preacher Curls
      Similar to concentration curls, preacher curls eliminate any momentum you can gain by swinging or twisting and puts the focus directly on your biceps. You’ll get a great stretch at the bottom of the exercise, too.

    Using a regular preacher bench, grab an EZ Curl bar with both hands using an underhand grip (palms facing upwards). Slowly curl the bar up to the top and bring it a few inches from your chin. Return the weight back down with a slow and controlled tempo to the starting position, allowing some resistance (negative) on the way back down. Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions.

    1. Hammer Curls
      Hammer curls are a great way to strengthen your biceps and forearms while targeting the “outer head” of the biceps. As you lower your arms, the dumbbell and wrist look like a hammer, thus the name. (The more you know, right?) Hold a set of dumbbells with a neutral grip so your palms are facing each other. Curl the dumbbells while keeping your palms facing each other.

    2. Spider Curls
      Spider curls are incredible for building huge biceps. For one, similar to the preacher curl, you have to rest your triceps on a pad to prevent yourself from using momentum or swinging your body. Second, because of the starting position, you have to fight more gravity which gets you serious intensity.

    Use the preacher curl machine backwards so that your triceps are resting on the straight-up-and-down side. Start with your arms hanging straight down to the floor and curl.

    1. Band Curl
      Band-resisted exercises help you explode past sticking points. During the bicep curl, for example, you engage the biceps more toward the top half of the movement than the bottom-half. By using a band, you can better match the strength curve of the movement because the resistance will be easiest at the bottom (when the muscle is fully stretched) and get harder as you rise. Grab the end of an exercise band with each hand holding the middle of the band under your feet. Perform your bicep curls.

    2. Zottman Curl
      This curl combines the conventional bicep curl and reverse curl for an awesome two-in-one movement. This way, you’ll target the biceps and brachialis with normal-style (wrists supinated) curls and also hammer your forearms with the reverse curl portion.

    Stand with a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing forward. Curl the weights as you turn your wrists so that your palms face away at the top. Reverse the movement, returning to the starting position with your palms facing forward.

    1. Cable Curl
      At the beginning and end of a dumbbell or barbell curl, you move the weight about parallel to the floor and, thus, don’t fighting against gravity. Once you get into the middle range of the movement, you’re finally pulling against gravity. Because cables rely on a pulley system, however, you’ll get constant tension throughout the movement for consistent stimulus.

    2. Plate Curl
      A great way to develop strong, massive forearms is to strengthen how hard your fingers can pinch together. Train this grip by varying the way you hold your weights.

    Instead of doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell, use a weight plate and grab it by its end. Do 5 – 6 sets of 4 – 8 reps; if you can do more, use a heavier plate.

    1. TRX Bicep Curl
      With bodyweight exercises, all you have to do is change the angles to make it harder. Move closer to the anchor point on the TRX bicep curl, for example, and you’ll instantly ramp up the intensity. They also lower your risk of an elbow or wrist injury from ugly technique or heavy machine work, and they break the monotony of the same boring exercises everyone else does.

    Grab a TRX and face the anchor point. Lean away, keep your body straight, and pin your upper arms at your sides. Then, curl the TRX towards you. To make this harder, move your feet closer to the anchor point.

    1. Fat Grip Bicep Curl
      With a thicker handle, you have to squeeze much harder just to hold the same amount of weight, which boosts your neural drive and activate more musculature. Also, because it strengths your grip, it allows you to hold more weight during conventional bicep exercises.

    Place a Fat Grip Opens a New Window. around the dumbbell handle and perform your bicep curls. (If you don’t have a Fat Grip, wrap a small towel around the handle.)

  • My Daily Routines



    ''TOUGH CORE (4rounds)''
    #Half Burpees - 40reps
    #Flutter Crunches - 60sec
    #Toe Touch Crunches - 20reps
    #Crunches - 20reps
    #Left Side Plank - 2mins
    #Plank - 2mins
    #Right Side Plank - 2mins
    #Lying Leg Raises - 24reps
    #V-hold - 60sec


    ''PUSH UP ROUTINE (3rounds)''
    #Push Up - 15reps
    #Push Up Hold - 60sec
    #Clap Push Up - 12reps
    #Decline Push Up - 15reps
    #Diamond Push Up - 8reps
    #Incline Push Up - 15rep


    ''MILLIONAIRE SQUATS (3rounds)''
    #Squats - 24reps
    #Alternating Lunges - 15reps
    #Squats - 24reps
    #Wall Sit - 60sec
  • DV

    update uli ng 1 week training dito sa bahay gamit yung twice a week na training kada bodypart..napansin ko di naman ako ng hihina sa kada exercise kahit twice a week ko ginagawa tulad ng bench at squat..