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    3rd Powerlifting Meet!

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    Hi sir / mam, I'm selling Promatrix 7 whey protein and mass gainer . COD available. just DM me or Check our FB page at . Please like and share na din Thank you so much kabakal!! #LegitDistributor #PromatrixSeven

  • ChristianTV

    @ChristianTV said:
    nakakalaki parin ba ng katawan kahit na 1:00 am ang tulog ko tapos gisng ko 9:00 pm ng umaga?

    8 hours pasok parin yan ah. magdedepende sa kinakain at pano way ng training mo. kahit kumpleto tulog mo kung ampaw training mabagal resulta.

    Meron iba dyan 4-5hours tulog pero nagagawa parin nila magprogress.

  • Project 0

    Age: 25
    Weight: 75.1 kg/165.5672 lbs
    Height: 5 ft 7 in/170.18 cm
    Status: Natural
    Goal: Get lean

  • Meet and greet Manilla/Baguio Nov-Dec 2019

    Hi ill be in Manila from 28th Nov until 10th December then going to Baguio for 5 days and back in Manila
    I would like to meet and greet fellow bodybuilding enthusiasts. I believe i have a lot of information to share regarding show preperation ,conditioning etc
    I have achieved national level SANBA colours which is for natural bodybuilding but have to also give extra advice on advanced preperation procedures. As i believe their are a lot of unnecessary procedures,drugs out there!
    Please be careful,train smart eat smart and live healthy happy lives!

    You may inbox me to advise on what gym/fitness centre to meet.
    Best regards
    Stephen Sickle

  • ChristianTV

    nakakalaki parin ba ng katawan kahit na 1:00 am ang tulog ko tapos gisng ko 9:00 pm ng umaga?

  • Stacker 2 not just protein powder review

    Hi all,
    This is my review for the

    So right now in the Philippines market, the cheapest protein powder is stacker 2 not just protein powder. It can be purchased for 1600 peso for 5lbs bag. This is very good value for people who take higher dosage of protein powder yet keep it affordable.

    some stores have it and others don't. I had to wait for 2 days for the stock to arrive. However lazada seems to sell it frequently.

    I have tried the chocolate and vanilla flavour. They both have a distinct taste.. More on it below

    the taste is a mix bag. It will taste very different than the normal supplements. That is because it is not as thick as other protein powder and also the addition of probiotics. This gives it a taste of yakult but with chocolate flavour or vanilla and then with the after taste of whey.
    The first time I drank. I felt like vomiting it out. But now I have become used to it.
    I usually add instant oat meal, this gives it a better texture

    on the label, the serving size says 1.5 scoop. Don't be fooled by that because the serving in grams is the same as any other protein supplement 33-34g. I guess the serving spoon inside the bag is small which is why it wants you to faked 1.5 scoop.

    the whey is made out of whey isolates and whey concentrates. Both are OK sources of protein but not the purest form.

    the supplement doesn't seem to be too thick which means it has less Gum added to it. In fact the vanilla is way to powderish....
    I recommend using less water as it becomes way to thin..
    Mixes well without any lumps

    thee supplement has probiotics and aspartine as suger source.
    I can confirm the probotics really helps your stomach. Previously with all my supplements, I was having a problem with protein farts, but ever since I am using this brand, that problem has been solved.
    My only concern is that the supplement is way too sweet and I assume it because of the aspartine they have used. Moreover, altho the label says its got 0 sugar, but still I suppose there will be some sugar spike effect. (just like when you drink cold zero etc)

    I can confirm the supplement does indeed work. After using it for 2 weeks, my body and system has improved overall and also my smm has been hovering around the 79-81 mark.

    this supplement is good. I would recommend it fully

  • Athlene nutrition whey pinoy brand

    @markevin08 said:
    Thanks sa feedback re. athlene, will probably try this next time. budget friendly.:)

    Yup, you should try it, tip ko lang is gawa ka ng account sa kanila para may points ka, nakakuha na ko dalawang shaker bottle for free dahil sa points. Ngayon ipon ulit for creatine naman hehe

  • Athlene nutrition whey pinoy brand

    Hi to all, this is my review of athlene whey which i am currently using.


    Taste - I've tried both flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Both taste good, chocolate gamit ko when I just want to take it as is. Pero vanilla naman pag blended with fruits. Sakto lang for me yung tamis, mas matamis ng konti sa optimum nutrition and mas thick.

    Mixability - Good mixability pero not the best, kung 10/10 and ON, eto ay nasa mga 8/10. Pero good enough for me, medyo kailangan mo lang shake mas matagal konti.

    Quality - pag chineck mo ingredients very minimal lang ang nasa label which is good, walang halong kung ano ano pero whey protein concentrate lang to, walang halong isolate. But still whey protein concentrates are fast digesting protein source kaya walang kaso sakin. Isang 5lbs 70 servings chocolate at 72 servings ang vanilla.

    Value - very good value for money, mas mura kasi local. I ordered 5lbs na may kasamang shaker at 1,999 and pag wala naman shaker 1,899. Free shipping na yun at cash on delivery kaya panalo.

    Result - Medyo matagal na din ako nag ggym mga 5 years tuloy tuloy, pag kulang ka sa protein at nag babawas ka ng body fat, makikita mo talaga mababawasan ang muscle mo, at hihina mga buhat mo. Sinubukan ko to nung last cut ko, and very happy naman ako sa result at hindi ako nangayayat.

    Overall - ok sa akin ang active whey lalo na pag budget ka, 1899 mo may 70 servings na free shipping pa. Quality ingredients and effective.


    Taste - very good taste, chocolate na order ko, masarap hindi msyado matamis, hindi rin matabang at light lang sa tummy.

    Mixability - very good mixability, pag shake mo 3 seconds ok na

    Quality - very good quality, pure whey protein isolate ang gamit, mas maganda pa sa mga mas mahal na brand kasi yun may mga halo, eto pure. 0g of fat at 1 g carbs 0g sugar 25 of protein na agad sa isang scoop.

    Value - mas mahal kesa sa active whey pero quality talaga to, pure isolate ng ibang brand nasa 3.5-4k

    Result - update ko pa next time, kakakuha ko pa lang kahapon, pero so far ok siya pati kapatid ko na sensitive sa gatas hindi daw bumigat tiyan niya nung sinubukan niya at walang protein farts. lol

    Overall - very happy ako sa pure isolate, sobrang bilis ma mix and masarap yung chocolate, 25g of protein pero hindi mabigat sa tummy.

  • Athlene Nutrition Philippines

    Up for this thread. Any comment sa mga nakapagtry ng Athlene?