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  • Pano mag track ng diet?

    Alternative is myfitnesspal app.
  • Pano mag track ng diet?

    @PawloYuhenyo said:
    hi ask ko lang po kung pano magtrack ng mga kinakain naten?
    Pano when it comes to cutting and sa bulking? try mo to sir

  • Promatrix 7 is FDA approved

    Nakausap ko yung may ari ng ethicalpharma mabait sya at accommodating. Wala naman silang planong itaas ang presyo.
  • The "Badass" Blueprint (IN THE TRENCHES)

    dimzon03 wrote: »
    Inaalikabok nanaman to! mapagpag nga muna...

    Journal lang inaalikabok bro. The real grind happens offline.
  • The "Badass" Blueprint (IN THE TRENCHES)

    I started working out when I was 17 years old, just like the typical newbie I want to be noticed, to be strong and look good. My goal is simple but the price I have to pay is literally beyond money can buy. I look up to my older cousins who are also into bodybuilding, they were already big and strong at that time but we don’t talk much about weights. I don’t even know where their gym is! I also don’t know of any gym anywhere. I started training in my room everyday for 2 months, doing push ups, sit ups, curls and every move I could think of using whatever is available from old typewriter box to water jugs. Im not genetically blessed, im thin, skinny fat, thick skinned and have scoliosis which is becoming more obvious as I grow. So basically despite the lack of knowledge and genetic potential I prepared myself for the challenge even before hitting the gym for the first time. When I started to formally train in the gym, I did all the stupid stuff, train for 4 hours, all chest workout, no formal back and leg workout etc. I eat crappy food because that’s all I can afford, my sleep is no big deal for me and i have no supps (although I see supps as magic beans during that time). The huge guys in the gym are all bullies, they take my bars, my dumbbells, my plates and don’t respect my workout so I ended up in the corner waiting for them to finish. I moved into a small garbage type gym that is open as long as there is some one inside. I trained there at 12am so I have the freedom to train my way. For years I experimented on training and diet. I trained while injured, I trained with lack of sleep, I trained hungry but every possible setback is not an excuse for me. I did whatever it takes! I was consistent, until one day I noticed that I am not the old me anymore. I felt that I could be more than myself as long as I don’t stop working hard. I started to pay attention to every detail I need to improve, the simple goal turned into a passion. I was able to use my frustrations and insecurities to my advantage and killed it for good! I know nothing about bodybuilding when I started but I don’t regret all the stupid things I did. Im sure that I could have made things better but nothing can beat experience when it comes to gaining knowledge.  I did my homework for sure but science can’t give me strength, ego can’t be flexed and excuses can’t build muscles! Consistency gave me results! I’m not there yet that’s why im taking no days off!

    Skinny-fat phaggot!!!


    wala akong mahanap na pic from 2006 and below since wala pa akong camera phone dati. 2007-2008 pics naman nasa Friendster at hindi na maretrieve. Sayang! Well documented sana yung progression ko.

    2009 summer

    2010-march with my brothers

    2010-november (cut)










    2015 "Dadbod"



  • Promatrix 7 is FDA approved

    Check it outw4fdt84nkrcy.jpeg
  • My 6 months cut phase

    So I found some old pics and compared for reference.
    My cycle is for 6 months therefore 2 more months remaining. Throughout this program my aim is to preserve as much muscle as I can and just lose body fat.
    I know a lot of people when lose weight lose all their muscle. Fortunately I am able to keep all my muscle mass.

  • To be strong

    clean bulk
    rice madami
    oats madami
    kamote madami
    red meat

    all carbs taasan mo it makes you grow
    protein make it a gram per pound of your body weight
    take fats from palm,coconut, olive(kung kaya)
    or add additional 500cals from your maintaining calorie intake

    for 6months
    then do focus on strength training hitting 5x5 for the compound lifts


    kehoe wrote:
    kurt_03 wrote:
    Tuwing nag leleg work out kasi ako nag kakaroon ako ng stretch marks sa hita pulang-pula pa sya? may parang mali kasi eh HELP

    if we may request to see it?
    There are PTs, RNs and Doctors here I guess.

    ganyan sir pero sa bandang baba ng singet nman stretch-marks-legs.jpg
  • My 6 months cut phase

    primouno01 wrote: »
    sir sa 70kg mga ilan ang bf mo?

    I am 70kg, 10% body fat right now.